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Our company was established in April 1967, in a humble 350 mfacility in the neighborhood of Lavadores, Vigo, with a business called Prensados Abraín.


Estampaciones Noroeste, S.A (ENSA) moved to the current facility, starting to manufacture metal stamping parts , with small tonnage presses to produce tubes with welded parts.

80´s Decade

The company invested in new machinery: medium tonnage presses, 320 Tn and 500 Tn and implanted the tube bending and welding line.

90´s Decade

Estampaciones Noroeste, S.A. was acquired by Armstrong Equipment Group, expanding his market in Europe. Their main customers became European car manufacturers like: Volkswagen, Ford and Audi.


During the first decade of this century, the company kept growing and expanding its products  throughout Europe. In 2002  the company was renamed to Dayco ENSA, acquired by the Italian group.
The EGR tubes evolved to the coolers, much more efficients and complex.

In April 2010, the company and his  two subsidiaries ( Portugal and India) were acquired by the BorgWarner Group, with US capital, creating the Emissions division, now known as BorgWarner Emissions Systems Spain, S.L.

In 2016, the facilities of Vigo have been extended with the new STC building (Spain Technical Center) to house the Advanced Engineering  Team.

More about our history in the gallery.

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