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Internship Opportunities for Students

Co-op Program

Want to gain real-world experience to be better prepared to enter the manufacturing and automotive industry? Become a Co-op!

Who are Co-ops?

Co-ops are Engineering students who dedicate at least two semesters to work at BorgWarner Water Valley and apply classroom theory with experience in the workplace.

We are seeking students that have excellent verbal and written skills, a basic understanding of engineering principles and a willingness and desire to learn. A methodical thought process to problem solving will be beneficial in this position, as is the ability to work independently or in a team setting. Co-ops must possess good analytical and deductive reasoning skills, and computer literacy is necessary.

Co-ops experience a variety of tasks, regardless of department. While working side-by-side with other Co-ops and Engineers, our Co-ops plan and run tests, improve upon current methods, and learn essential engineering skills. 


A Co-op must be a full-time student at an accredited college or university. Some common majors include:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering/Technology
  • Environmental/Occupational Health

The student must have maintained a 3.0 cumulative GPA. A minimum of two years' class study or junior status must be reached by Co-op start date. Associate's or Bachelor’s degree candidates may apply.

About our Co-op Positions:

Product Engineering:

Co-ops play a key role in the development and validation of future Drivetrain Products. Develop project management and decision-making skills by managing a long-term project to reinforce engineering principles, technical skills, and data-analysis techniques.

Manufacturing Engineering:

Improve machining and assembly processes as well as apply lean manufacturing concepts. Enhance production methods for manufacturing and track overall equipment efficiency.

Quality Engineering:

Acquire data analysis software skills and learn lab measurement tools. Gain understanding of machining, assembly and test processes to identify sources of variation.

Safety, Health, & Environmental:

Acquire skills directly related to safety, health and environmental systems (ISO 14001, etc.) while assisting in improving those aspects. Assist in conducting, recording, and reporting industrial hygiene sampling.

Test Engineering:

Improve the processes of data acquisition and analysis while developing test instrumentation and data acquisition systems.

Continuous Improvement:

Develop a lean manufacturing culture through BorgWarner Manufacturing Systems including 5S, just-in-time manufacturing, and in-process control.

Interested in applying?

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