Physical Wellness

Physical wellness involves aspects of your life that are necessary to keep yourself in top condition. Physical fitness and healthy eating habits are not the only things to consider when it comes to overall physical wellness though. Preventive care, screenings and other aspects also contribute to your wellbeing as well.

Wellness Screening Form

Physician to complete for employee wellness/biometric screening.
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MotivateMe Wellness Screening Form Cigna (PDF)
MotivateMe Wellness Screening Form Cigna (Spanish) (PDF)

Physicals with MDLive

You can now complete your physical with MDLive!
Note: it will flow through as a claim with Cigna and show up as a point.
No special form is needed.

Cigna Virtual Care Wellness Screening Flyer (English)
Cigna Virtual Care Wellness Screening Flyer (Spanish)

Dependent Eligibility

The benefits available to you and your family reflect BorgWarner's commitment to offering high-quality, affordable options to your family's physical and financial health. Use the detailed information below to determine who qualifies as an eligible dependent for BorgWarner's medical, dental and vision benefit.

Open enrollment takes place in November each year.



Active, full-time* BorgWarner employee regularly scheduled to work at least 30 hours a week.

Required Documentation

  • N/A

* If a full-time employee is on a temporary layoff of 30 days or less. healthcare plans may continue without break in coverage. Temporary staff, leased staff, volunteers, agents, contractors or sub-contractors are not eligible. Part-time employees are eligible for the BorgWarner Retirement Savings Plan only. 


Your Spouse

Your lawful spouse. Legally separated individuals, life partners or divorced spouses are not eligible.

Required Documentation

  • Valid marriage certificate
  • Previous year's tax return

Your Dependent Children

Children to age 26 regardless of whether the child is living at home, listed as a dependent on your tax return, a student or is married.*** Coverage is also available to children, age 26 and older, if legally considered permanently and totally disabled. Coverage is effective through the end of the month that a dependent turns 26.

Required Documentation

  • Natural or legally adopted children up to age 26:
          ◦  Birth Certificate 
          ◦  Legal adoption papers
  • A child for whom you or your spouse has court-appointed full (not limited) legal guardianship, but if your spouse and the child are eligible to participate in another employer’s health plan, this Plan will only cover the child on a secondary basis:
          ◦ Legal guardian papers
  • Disabled children who were disabled prior to their 19th birthday, and were covered under BorgWarner's benefits on their 19th birthday:
         ◦  Birth certificate up to age 19; application for extension after age 19
  • A child for whom you are required to provide health care support under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO).: 
          ◦  Court Order

** Dependent eligibility is different for life insurance. Details can be obtained from your Summary Plan Description found here or contact MetLife directly.
*** If your child is married, his or her spouse and children are not eligible for coverage under the BorgWarner plans.

Having Trouble Choosing a Medical Plan? 

Click the link for Cigna’s plan selector tool below to:

  • Estimate how much health care you will use, such as doctor visits, medications and specialty care. 
  • Calculate the approximate cost of care. 
  • Compare medical plans based on anticipated out-of-pocket costs, payroll deduction and employer contributions.

Cigna Easy Choice Tool

If logging in for the first time, use this information: 
All BorgWarner Employees: M2FJLXM6  


Get More Dental Coverage through Cigna Wellness Plus®

When you receive dental preventive care, your annual dollar maximum will increase the following year by $100— giving you more benefits to use toward your future dental care. By earning this reward year after year, you could potentially double your annual benefit—raising it over time from the current $1,500 maximum up to a $3,000 maximum! 

Should you see an eye doctor or medical doctor?

Your vision benefits cover services performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist to perform regular checkups and correct your vision if needed. If you have a vision problem - such as cataracts - diagnosis and treatment would be covered under your medical plan. If you need help deciding what type of provider to see, call your Health Advocate at +1 800-237-2904, or call Cigna Vision Member Services: +1 877-478-7557.

myCigna App Upgrade with Cigna One Guide® Service

In addition to the regular services offered through the app (such as finding network doctors, getting cost estimates for care, comparing prescription prices, managing and tracking claims and accessing your ID card), you can gain a new level of support through the One Guide® service. It allows you to build your custom health team by creating a personal list of in-network doctors, dentists and facilities you use. And you can sign up for messages that can guide you to savings, incentives, coaching and more. 

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Transparency in Coverage Information

This link leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed- amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

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