Dental Coverage

The mouth is a window to your health—providing warning signs for complications of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other serious conditions. That’s why your dental benefits cover a wide range of preventive and treatment services.

Your Options

Coverage is available to you and your covered dependents up to age 26. You can visit any dentist you choose, however, you will spend less when visiting a dentist or specialist within the Total Cigna DDPO Network. Coverage is available for other services and begins after you meet your annual deductible. Then you pay a percentage of the cost, depending on the service. The plan pays benefits up to the annual maximum. After that, you are responsible for all remaining charges for the rest of the year.

Dental Coverage Plan

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Dental Coverage Plan

Get More Dental Coverage through Cigna Wellness Plus®

When you receive dental preventive care, your annual dollar maximum will increase the following year by $100— giving you more benefits to use toward your future dental care. By earning this reward year after year, you could potentially raise it over time from the current $1,500/person maximum up to an $1,800/person maximum!

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