Social Wellness

Social Wellness

Dedicated to Your Wellbeing: Cigna Personal Health Team

BorgWarner believes that a health plan should do more than take care of you when you are sick. It should also support you to lead a healthier, more active and productive life. Through Cigna, BorgWarner offers eligible employees and spouses access to a dedicated health team—connecting you to a comprehensive collection of health-related programs, services, resources and tools.

The Health Team Advantage

  1. Takes the hassle, confusion and guesswork out of getting the right support, the right way and at the right time.
  2. Gives you access to a dedicated Health Advocate who is your primary point of contact for all your health and wellness needs across your whole spectrum of care.
  3. Reliable, unbiased and compassionate care by professionally-trained health specialists including nurses, dieticians, clinicians and counselors.
  4. Your confidentiality is ensured. BorgWarner is not made aware of your participation, specific results or specifics about any interactions.
  5. Dedicated to BorgWarner and its employees with special training on BorgWarner and our culture, giving them added insight as they assist you.
  6. Coordinated outreach with an initial welcome and then you may receive a second introductory call if you have been referred to a program based on claims or Cigna HRQ results.

How It Works - If You Initiate Contact

  1. You have a health need
  2. You call CIGNA at +1 800-237-2904
  3. When prompted, say “Personal Health Team”
  4. You are connected to your Personal Health Advocate
  5. If needed, your Health Advocate will call on other experts within the Personal Health Team dedicated to BorgWarner members
  6. Your health need is addressed

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Total wellness involves more than your physical health. It also includes your mental and emotional well-being. Available to you and your household members (regardless of whether or not you are a Cigna member), the Cigna EAP is a free, confidential resource that helps find answers to various kinds of personal concerns, offers consultation, support, information and planning, as well as referrals to professional resources in your community. 

Available 24/7, your Cigna EAP services include, but are not limited to:


Counseling for stress, depression, marital issues and other issues: Allows for one to three face-to-face sessions available to you and/or a household member with a counselor in your area. Call 1-800-237-2904 for more information.


Telephonic consultation & support: Consultations may be related to questions about behavioral health-related topics, assistance with problem identification, problem solving skills, approaches and/or resources to address behavioral concerns.

Senior Care

Senior care: Learn about challenges and solutions associated with caring for an aging loved one. Also includes resources and referrals for home health agencies, assisted living facilities, social and recreational programs and long-distance caregiving. 

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance: Free 30-minute telephonic or face-to-face consultation with an attorney and  up to a 25% discount on select fees.


Financial: Free 30-minute telephonic consultation with a qualified specialist  on issues such as debt counseling or planning for retirement.


Parenting: Receive guidance on child development, sibling rivalry, separation anxiety and much more.

Child Care

Child care: Resources and referrals for child care providers, before and after school programs, camps, adoption organizations and  information on parenting questions and pre-natal care.

Pet Care

Pet care: From grooming to  boarding to veterinary services, find what you need to care for your pet. Resources and referrals are available  for pet sitting, obedience training, veterinarians and pet stores. 

Identity Theft

Identity theft: 60-minute free consultation with a fraud resolution specialist.

To learn more about this valuable service, call anytime day or night at +1 800-237-2904 or log on to and enter your Employer ID = borgwarner.

Wellness Tools and Programs

BorgWarner's wellbeing initiatives provide a variety of wellness tools to support its employees and communities on the journey towards a culture of health and wellness.

Global Walking Challenge

Each year, BorgWarner employees can participate in the Global Walking Challenge. Running from June to September, it encourages employees to get active, while also competing against each other in teams through challenges.


The new Active&Fit program is designed to help you achieve better health through regular exercise. This is achieved by offering you membership to more than 8,500 gyms nationwide for the low rate of $25 per month. This means that as long as the gym you wish to go to participates with the Active&Fit program, you can use your Active&Fit ID to join. It’s that easy!

If the gym you like to go to isn’t listed, you can contact Active&Fit and recommend them. They will do the recruiting piece to see if your gym can become part of the Active&Fit family!

Fitness Attendance Reimbursement Policy

BorgWarner will reimburse you for up to $250 per year just for going to the gym and getting active! As long as you attend a fitness facility 72 times per year (or an average of 6 times per month), you can submit for reimbursement of your fees paid. You will need to show receipt of payment, as well as proof of attending the fitness facility.