BorgWarner Supplies Variable Cam Timing and Engine Timing Technologies for Jaguar Land Rover’s New I4 Engine Family

BorgWarner’s Advanced Technologies Reduce Friction and Improve Engine Efficiency for JLR’s New Gasoline and Diesel Engines

Auburn Hills, Michigan, April 16, 2015 – BorgWarner provides its state-of-the-art variable cam timing (VCT) and engine timing systems for the new I4 engine family from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). Based on a configurable and flexible architecture to improve manufacturing efficiency and calibration strategies, the engines deliver high performance, reduced emissions and improved fuel economy. For reliable variable cam timing, BorgWarner’s compact torsional assist (TA) phaser technology actuates rapidly resulting in improved performance, while its latest chain and tensioner technologies deliver lower friction and improve wear resistance. BorgWarner’s advanced technologies are employed in all 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engines as well as future gasoline engines used to power various models starting with the new JLR engine family in early 2015.

“With our contribution to Jaguar Land Rover’s new I4 gasoline and diesel engine program, we strengthen our position as a leading supplier of engine timing systems and VCT technologies and support global automakers using flexible and modular platforms,” said Joe Fadool, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Morse TEC. “BorgWarner is very proud to expand its successful partnership with JLR, providing our advanced variable cam timing and engine timing technologies to reduce friction and improve engine efficiency.”

To support Jaguar Land Rover’s powertrain and calibration strategies for reduced internal friction and vehicle complexity, BorgWarner’s compact TA phaser technology and variable force solenoid (VFS) use available torsion energy in addition to the engine oil pressure for a faster actuation rate of the phaser. The technology reduces oil demand and engine parasitic losses, and improves low-end engine performance. BorgWarner’s TA phaser technology achieves 70 degrees of crank rotation or more, and features an integrated center bolt, resulting in a compact design for easier integration into the powertrain. Designed to reduce friction while delivering lower noise performance, BorgWarner’s engine timing system features an advanced chain with high-quality finishing of rounded chain link profiles and pins for improved efficiency performance and durability. Additionally, hydraulic tensioners are tuned using BorgWarner’s patented “tortuous path” vent disk technology to deliver the best balance between efficiency and chain control.

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