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500+ bar GDi system

Our industry-leading solution for direct injection gasoline systems allows you to realize the benefits of higher-pressure performance with today’s engine designs.

When compared to 350-bar systems, high pressure direct injection (HPDI) for gasoline delivers up to a 50 percent improvement in particulate emissions – both in mass (PM) and number (PN) – allowing you to hit post Euro 6D and China 6 emissions standards with simpler after-treatment systems. It also provides up to a 1 percent reduction in fuel consumption, despite the additional demands placed on the engine.

More pressure, more benefits

The 500+ bar system feature a number of new benefits, these include:

  • A new fuel injector with an optimized pressure vessel, improved rail interface and a 30 percent increase in magnetic performance that results in enhanced fuel-delivery precision
  • A new forged fuel rail that’s 25 percent lighter due to material reductions while still managing higher pressures. The rail is more durable and flexible, offering both offset and overhead placement options. We’ve also added in-house rail machining capabilities, which simplifies development and heightens controls
  • As well as upgrades to our most advanced engine controller with increased processing power for better fuel delivery with multiple injection modes, as well as tighter closed loop controls

As with all our GDi technologies, the system is fully compatible with global fuels for quick adaptation to all gasoline engine platforms. And, the system is production ready – today – for integration into GDi platforms.

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