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Hydrogen Solutions

BorgWarner is developing fuel injection equipment solutions that can meet the demands of both current and future emissions regulations in the automotive industry.

As EU and other countries have set high objectives regarding their carbon footprint, emission standards worldwide are becoming increasingly stricter. At the same time global OEMs are working diligently to find technological solutions for different drivetrains that comply with these standards.

BorgWarner has the vision to develop propulsion technologies for a cleaner and more energy efficient world.

BorgWarner’s hydrogen injection solutions 

The hydrogen injection system is a particularly critical component for hydrogen propulsion since hydrogen has a substantially lower density than diesel or gasoline. BorgWarner is developing solutions for low, medium and high pressure applications.

BorgWarner’s portfolio includes low pressure H2 injectors for port fuel injection (PFI) configurations. For medium pressure port fuel and direct injection in hydrogen applications we provide the Direct Injector-Compressed Hydrogen Gas (DI-CHG injector) that meets the needs of powertrains with high flow capacity, optimized mixing, flexible packaging and advanced controls. The DI-CHG10 is package compatible with current production 7.5mm tip GDi injectors and suitable for power ranges up to 60kW/cylinder, whilst the larger 9.8mm tip DI-CHG15 injector extends the potential power to 90kW/cylinder for heavy duty commercial vehicle applications. 

The injectors have been developed for large flow sections and optimal injector sealing. The specific materials chosen for the injectors ensure durability and help to avoid hydrogen embrittlement. The systems feature a controller and software that allows for a boost system upgrade, EGR and water injection as well as ignition and knock detection.

BorgWarner has system specification, integration and calibration capabilities to deliver complete turn key hydrogen propulsion projects.

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H2 Injector

DI-CHG Injector

Features & Benefits DI-CHG injector

  • Nominal pressure range: up to 40 bara
  • Compatible with CNG and H2 gases
  • Accurate and repeatable delivery
  • Multiple injection capability
  • Optimized magnetic performance for minimum electrical consumption
  • Mixing control – Nominal hollow cone jet but can be customized with integrated deflector cap
  • Fuel supply connection: either o-ring or screwed metal to metal interface
  • Designed and developed for direct injection
  • Can also be mounted in the inlet port
  • “Soft opening” and “soft landing” ECU control strategies for low noise
  • Compatible with standard OBD strategies

Features & Benefits PFI injector

  • Applicable for internal combustion engines (ICE) and Fuel Cells
  • Derived from production M3.5 CNG PFI injector
  • Compact package - f17mm solenoid OD
  • Use of elastomer valve seal to prevent leak and enable quiet operation
  • High opening force generated by optimized 7.6Ω coil design for system pressure up to 10 bara
  • Static flow at 10 bara: up to 1.44g/s H2
  • Can be operated using cost effective saturated switch as well as higher performance peak & hold drivers
  • Compatible with standard On Board Diagnostics (OBD) strategies

PFI Injector

PFI Injector

Hydrogen solutions contribute to carbon neutrality 

Hydrogen propulsion, based on existing engine technology and able to leverage the available fuel supply network, is an attractive and fast-to-market solution for powertrains that contributes to the rapid decarbonization the world needs. It requires only slight adjustments to the internal combustion engine while still meeting both zero emission CO2 targets and future emissions regulations.

As a solution provider for hydrogen technology, BorgWarner cooperates with OEMs in all vehicle segments – from passenger cars to light and heavy duty, on- and off-road. BorgWarner can supply customers with components as well as with complete turnkey applications, having the capabilities to integrate the entire hydrogen injection system, including controller, software and calibration.

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