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Maintenance Engineer

2021 年 5 月 8 日


Be responsible for all brazing furnaces' process and equipment issues solving and new brazing process development for new products.

Key accountabilities/Responsibilities:

1.Performs manufacturing engineering and maintenance work relating to brazing processes.

2.Plans & oversees brazing furnace capacity.

3.Assists in planning of equipment, workflow sequence, production methods and furnace utilization.

4.Focus on quality of products produced in the brazing process.

5.Track, analyze and record furnace overall effectiveness and identify process improvements.

6.Identify & implement brazing process cost reductions.

7.Maintain manufacturing excellence on brazing furnace.

8Create and implement furnaces preventive maintenance procedures.

9. Assist in training of production operators and maintenance personnel on brazing furnaces.

10.Work in team environment with Quality and Application Engineers on current. Production issues and future customer programs.

11.Safety awareness is a priority requirement. Adhere to safety rules and practices.

12.Identify safety equipment and provide safety training on brazing furnace procedure.

13.Create and update production floor documents relating to brazing furnaces: Process flows, PFMEA, control plans, operator work instructions, routing standards.

14.Plan and oversee the installation and startup of brazing furnaces.

15.Train operators and maintenance personnel on newly installed furnace.

16.Plan and define product packaging specifications and assist Purchasing Department in implementing the packaging specifications.

17.Strictly abide the EHS rules and regulations and behavior guide line in the plant; wear PPE in right way; actively participate in EHS training; do housekeeping at work; report accidents and unsafe issues immediately join the accident disposal. Specific presentation can be reached in TMS system and individual job description.

18.Any other tasks assigned by supervisor

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