EFR™ 8370 Super-Core: Powerful without Overspeeding

We’re excited to launch the newest member of the Engineered for Racing (EFR™) later this year! The EFR 8370 Super-Core will make its introduction at PRI. This Super-Core addresses the racing industry’s need for a turbo that provides a powerful boost without overspeeding. What makes the EFR 8370 stand out is its pairing of sizes of the turbine and compressor wheels.


To deliver a quick boost response, powerful performance and reliable durability, BorgWarner EFR Series turbochargers have an unprecedented combination of advanced technologies, including:


  • Low-weight Gamma-Ti turbine wheel that cuts inertia by roughly 50%
  • Forged milled compressor wheels with strength that exceeds the typical bar-stock
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel turbine housing for improved durability
  • Compressor cover with speed sensor mounting provisions
  • High flow wastegates to handle flow requirements of high-performance applications
  • Dual-row ball bearing cartridge with ceramic balls and metal cage for substantial friction reduction
  • Boost control solenoid valve (BCSV)
  • lntegrated Compressor Recirculation Valve (CRV) to help avoid compressor surge and backflow during a throttle lift event
  • High turbine efficiency, due in part to the 'Superback' and 'Fullback' back-disk shapes




Robin Shute and EFR for the Win

Robin Shute shows why BorgWarner EFR turbos are in a class all their own! The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb champion has emerged as the overall winner twice with an EFR turbo—most recently, the EFR 8370—as part of his unbeatable vehicle!

Watch video to learn more about Robin Shute’s amazing journey!




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