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BorgWarner REMAN Turbochargers

As Good as New - Remanufactured to meet the highest expectations

REMAN Turbochargers are remanufactured turbochargers from OE turbocharger manufacturers. Every REMAN Turbocharger is first dismantled while preserving materials to the greatest possible extent. In a complex process, the parts are then cleaned and reprocessed.

Following the balancing process and thorough testing, every BorgWarner REMAN Turbocharger meets the strict BorgWarner quality standards. So they offer the same high performance and reliability that the automotive industry has come to expect of our products.

Remanufacturing Process in Detail

Are you looking for an economic, high-quality replacement for an original turbocharger?

Our REMAN products combine the quality of a new turbocharger with the competitiveness of a remanufactured system. They are ideal for the fast and efficient repair of vehicles that can still provide many years of reliable service. REMAN Turbochargers are produced and tested in line with the stringent quality standards that form the basis for BorgWarner’s excellent reputation as an OE-Manufacturer for the automotive industry.

REMAN Turbochargers from BorgWarner are the perfect choice for quality and cost conscious customers. They close the gap between a brand new turbocharger and a reproduction of dubious quality. Moreover, as BorgWarner, we offer first-class aftermarket support.

Before: Used Turbocharger

Before: Used Turbocharger
After: REMAN Turbocharger

After: REMAN Turbocharger

Leading Industrial Turbocharger Remanufacturing – All Types and Sizes of Turbochargers

As a leading series manufacturer, we have accumulated decades of experience in reconditioning turbochargers. With a global capacity of approximately 300,000 REMAN Turbochargers per year we can offer a broad range of products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Integrated into our logistics concept and interactive communication service, these turbochargers are available just as quickly as our original spare parts.

Seven good reasons for BorgWarner REMAN Turbochargers

  1. Saving the environment and natural resources
  2. Remanufactured replacement for many brands
  3. From one of the global product leaders
  4. The perfect choice for quality and cost conscious customers
  5. All bearing and sealing parts as well as worn or damaged parts are replaced with new parts
  6. Assembled, balanced and tested with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes
  7. Offering the same high performance and reliability the automotive industry knows from us since years

The process at a glance

The REMAN process is very simple: We supply a remanufactured REMAN Turbocharger for your customers vehicle - you send the used turbocharger back to us.

Turbo REMAN Circle

Acceptance Criteria

BorgWarner will only accept and credit surcharges against returned old cores from OE turbocharger manufacturers. Please check our REMAN offers list for guidance as to what turbocharger part numbers we will accept. If you have any doubt, please contact BorgWarner for clarity.

Please be aware that BorgWarner will not accept any turbo that has:

  • Been manufactured by a non-genuine OE turbo manufacturer.
  • Turbochargers that have been dismantled or that have broken connecting flanges.

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