Pressure Sensor Glow Plugs

BorgWarner’s Pressure Sensor Glow Plug (PSG) combines a highly efficient glow plug to improve diesel engine cold starts with an integrated pressure sensor to improve engine efficiency.


Forward-looking solution for a green future

Holder of numerous innovation awards, the BorgWarner Pressure Sensor Glow Plug has been developed to meet one very specific purpose: provide one of the best responses to the demands made on diesel engine in terms of particle reduction. Current and future exhaust gas limit values for diesel vehicles already and further will mean a drastic reduction in particles and nitrogen oxide in each cylinder.

Technical features

  • Optimized combustion: the PSG measures the pressure in the combustion chamber with an integrated sensor and reports this to the engine control electronics
  • Sensor principle: piezo-resistive
  • Flexible heating rod for pressure transmission
  • Robust sealing element between body and heating rod
  • Miniaturized electronics integrated in the upper part of the glow plug
  • Calibrated and customer-specific programmed
  • Integrated concentric automotive plug
  • Available with steel or ceramic heater rod

1 - Plug

2 - Circuit board with electronics 

3 - Glow plug body

4 - Glow plug heating rod

5 - High voltage connection 

6 - Measuring diaphragm

7 - Gasket

Closed-Loop Temperature Control

PSG is a glow plug with an integrated pressure sensor to improve engine efficiency. The sensor measures the rapidly changing in-cylinder pressure in the combustion chamber and continuously reports it to the engine control unit. By establishing closed-loop control of engine pressure, the PSG allows the engine controller to constantly regulate fuel injection quantity and timing in order to optimize the combustion process. Built with a robust steel heating rod and a piezo-resistive sensor, BorgWarner’s PSG helps enhance engine efficiency for maximum performance, reliable starts in cold temperatures, improved fuel economy, lower NOx emissions and optimum torque control.



Forward-looking and technologically advanced features and performance results.


Optimized combustion resulting in low particle emissions levels.


Exclusive and patented BorgWarner development.

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