Steel Glow Plugs

Two- and Three-Phase Technologies find an adequate and durable solution with the BorgWarner Steel Glow Plug range (types GE, GN, GV) especially designed and manufactured to meet the needs of older generations or modern diesel engines.

3-Phase Technology BorgWarner Glow Plugs for modern diesel engines (Types GE & GN)

Car manufacturers worldwide are opting for the innovative three-phase glow technology making the starting operation quick, reliable and green. The BorgWarner 3-phase glow plugs are available in both the GE and GN type.

Description of 3-Phase Technology:

  • Phase 1: Pre-heating initiated when ignition starts
  • Phase 2: Heating during starting
  • Phase 3: Post-heating - the glow plugs continue to be heated for approx. 3 minutes after the engine is started

Advantages of 3-Phase Technology:

  • Diesel fuel burnt more fully and with less noise
  • Clouding of the exhaust gas is reduced by up to 40%

GE and GN glow plugs in 2-coil technology are fitted with a heating coil designed to maintain the optimal heating temperature and a regulator coil that effectively protects the glow plug from overheating, thereby making these BorgWarner diesel car glow plugs reliable and durable.

GE glow plugs are performance-optimized. They are the controlled glow plug used in engines of the latest generations, featuring a programmable microcontroller in the glow time control unit to flawlessly control the starting operation.

The BorgWarner Glow Plug range types GE & GN features:

  • Quick start glow plugs in new, slim shape
  • Short preheating time of approx. 2 to 7 seconds
  • Reliable starting (even at -30 °C!)
  • Can be used for post-heating, as a result environmentally friendly: up to 40% less pollutant emissions during the warm up phase
  • No more cold start knocking
  • Quiet engine running
  • Protects the engine during starting

Glow Plugs for older generation diesel engines (Type GV)

BorgWarner engineers and manufactures quality, dependable car glow plugs for older generation diesel engine with one goal in mind: meet the pre-heating and heating performance requirements of older diesel engines. 

The BorgWarner Diesel Engine car Glow Plug (type GV) features:

  • Reliable cold starting
  • Pre-heating time: 5-7 seconds
  • Sheathed glow plug in 2-coil technology

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