K Series On/Off Fan Drive: Reliability & Serviceability

One of the most popular BorgWarner thermal products is the K Series on/off fan drive. The K Series, along with other thermal products, can now be added to your order of genuine Delco Remy products.
Due to the design of the clutch in the on/off fan drive, there’s a cone-shaped friction liner—which is different from the competition—that allows it to be the industry leader in torque capacity. Additionally, because the on/off is fail-safe, the fan continues to rotate even if the clutch stops working. In the event of air system pressure failure, the fan remains engaged to prevent the engine from overheating—and you from having to call a tow and lose valuable drive time. In fact, with proper maintenance, the K Series can provide a million miles of trouble-free service under normal operating conditions.

Advantages of K Series On/Off Fan Drive


  • Fewer moving parts improve belt life and provide easier maintenance
  • Can replace just clutch (without replacing hub)


  • Increased torque and actuation demand
  • Torque capacity up to 280 N-m


  • Simple design and fewer moving parts increasing durability
  • Compact size and lightweight


  • Designed for extreme fan pulley overdrive ratios and higher capacity fans
  • Liner provides consistent performance throughout the life of the product

To learn more about the on/off functionality—including how to change the liner—watch this short video:

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