Introduction of High-Flow EFR® SuperCores

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new flagships in our Engineered For Racing® Performance Turbocharger range:

  • New EFR® B2 variants with higher-flowing compressor stages
  • Up to 20% higher maximum compressor flow compared to existing 8374, 9174, and 9180 models
  • Forged milled aluminum (FMW) compressors featuring a distinctive black anodized surface finish and new ‘C10’ blade design
  • Only available as Super Cores; compatible with all existing 74 and 80 mm turbine housings
  • Choice of lightweight aluminum or cast iron bearing housing

Please follow this link to see part numbers, specs and compressor maps for the six new SuperCore part numbers.

To build a complete turbo tailored for your needs you will also need the turbine housing and wastegate canister of your choice, wastegate bracket kit 179429 and either clamp kit 59007119005 (aluminum bearing housing) or hardware/installation kit 179423 (cast iron bearing housing).




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