Maximizing Our TurboDriven Interactive Database

BorgWarner’s TurboDriven 3.4 (DB-Version 1.16.18)* catalog software has proven it can give distributors the boost they need! This robust database gives you access to dozens of BorgWarner turbo part numbers as well as all the applicable cross-references. Plus, it’s packed with features that allow you to use, manipulate and leverage the data for your specific needs.

The main features of the TurboDriven 3.4 include:

  • Flexible program screen that allows you to set up and display individual screens to your preference. Adjustable columns allow you to move or hide columns so you can display data the way you want to see it.
  • Cross-reference section to search for interchangeable BorgWarner products with components and assemblies of other manufacturers. This section allows you to compare turbo and cartridge assemblies side by side to evaluate similarities and differences.
  • Where used section that lists turbochargers or cartridge assemblies for certain component uses.
  • Repair and installation manuals with instructions, notes and tips for reconditioning BorgWarner turbochargers.
  • Bill of material function that shows side-by-side comparisons of turbo and spare part assemblies in a quick and easy view window.
  • Virtual notepad to help you memorize remarks and pieces of information.

Need to Update to TurboDriven 3.4?

If you already have TurboDriven but need to update to our newest version, it’s simple and quick! Once you are on the TurboDriven database, go to the Extras tab in the top navigation. Select “Internet Update” and follow the on-screen instructions. (Note: This software currently is not compatible with Apple OS.)


  • Get the file from [email protected]
  • Unzip the file
  • Run ‘setup.exe’ and follow the instructions on screen.

If there’s something you want to know about using the software, please email [email protected] with your question.

* If your version does not have DB-Version 1.16.18, then you need to update your version. See box on this page for how to update your version of TurboDriven.

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