Tech Tip: Replacing the Actuator for Ford 6.4L Powerstroke V2S and HP Turbos

The original SRA (Smart Remote Actuator) assembly for the Ford 6.4L Powerstroke VS2 turbo assembly is no longer available. If you need to replace your original 2-stage turbo (V2S), HP turbo or SRA, it is now replaced by the new BorgWarner CBA (Compact Brushless Actuator) design. It offers the same performance and packaging as the original SRA, but with many other advantages. This tech tip explains the difference between SRAs and CBAs as well as the steps you need to take to install the CBA.

SRA vs. CBA Style Actuators

The original SRA has been discontinued and is no longer available for the Ford 6.4L Powerstroke V2S turbo systems sold between 2008 and 2010. The BorgWarner CBA assembly is a retrofit actuator consisting of a BorgWarner CBA with linkage, a new actuator bracket, thermal spacer and mounting hardware.

In addition to the same performance and packaging, the CBA offers many benefits:

  • Newer design
  • More compact design
  • Higher torque capability
  • No water cooling requirement
  • Higher temperature capability

Step 1: Remove Coolant Pipe Routing

The new CBA retrofit does not require water cooling as the original SRA did. The existing coolant lines can be rerouted to bypass the actuator and complete the cooling circuit without modification.

  • Action Step: Remove the actuator coolant block and the short hose that went from the old actuator coolant block to the reservoir.


Step 2: Check Oil System

It is common for solid contaminants to build up in the 6.4 liter bearing systems—not only in the turbo, but in the oil cooler, oil lines and fittings supplying oil to the turbos. These solid contaminants are carried to the turbo bearing system and deposited there, causing premature bearing and turbo failure.

  • Action Step: Check the oil system to be sure it is free of solid contaminants before installing a new turbo system. Conducting this check prior to connecting the oil lines to the turbo helps protect your investment.

Step 3: Install CBA

Installation of the CBA retrofit actuator assembly to the turbo requires removal of the original SRA assembly. 

  • Action Step: As you install the CBA, be sure to remove the orange plastic card as well as the two bolts left in the high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) turbine connection.

Step 4: Calibrate CBA

There is no external calibration procedure required for the new retrofit CBA. The new actuator automatically calibrates the first time it is powered up.

  • Action Step: Turn the vehicle on to power up the actuator and rev the engine to a safe position at 20% of full travel. At this position, it will wait for the ECU to provide information that allows the actuator to execute a full span sweep to learn its limits.

BorgWarner Turbo with CBA: Part number 479514

CBA Kit: Part number: 59001107387

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