Visctronic®: Electronically Controlled Fan Drives

The Visctronic fan drive represents a new generation of electronically controlled engine cooling products. Because it is electronically managed or direct-actuated, Visctronic provides improved fuel economy through lower disengaged speeds and optimum fan load management during cooling periods. Visctronic is ideal for SUVs, light trucks, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and off-highway vehicles. 

Additionally, Visctronic produces less fan noise and frees more engine power for other tasks. As a result, you’ll experience smoother speed transitions, which extend the life of the fan drive belt and are also critical to engine performance. The product’s precise airflow management allows for tighter control of engine temperature, leading to a potential reduction in exhaust emissions as well as increased fuel economy.

Visctronic Features and Benefits

  • Improved efficiency that provides fuel and horsepower savings of up to 6-10%
  • Self-contained unit that makes it maintenance free
  • Improved temperature control for extended engine and component life
  • High-speed reservoir and patented fluid distribution

To learn more about Visctronic, watch this short video on the BorgWarner YouTube channel:

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