Tech Tip: Converting to DuroSpeed™ K32 Fan Drive

The DuroSpeed K32 Fan Drive is becoming the go-to fan drive for vocational and off-highway truck applications. Designed for harsh vocational applications, DuroSpeed provides reliable performance by having a higher disengaged speed to satisfy cooling demands.

“The big difference between the DuroSpeed and our on/off clutch is the fan cycling,” says Jim Benson, Commercial Vehicle Technical Manager.

In severe-duty applications, he says, on/off fan drives are continually engaging and disengaging, causing engine coolant temperatures to rapidly fluctuate. During stationary operation, for example, it is often the HVAC system demanding a slight amount of airflow to keep cabin temperatures cooler. Yet, the only way an on/off clutch can provide more airflow is to fully lock-up—and this promotes overcooling of the engine temperature, which leads to fan clutch cycling. Benson says the result is more noise, clogged radiators and greater wear-and-tear on the clutch liner and belt drive system.

But DuroSpeed is designed with a higher disengaged fan speed to satisfy those HVAC demands, and therefore prevent engine coolant temperatures from cycling unnecessarily.

“Because the DuroSpeed fan drive engages and disengages less often, there are many benefits including longer clutch liner life, less noise, minimal dust buildup in the radiator and more available horsepower,” Benson says. “And, together, all this allows the vehicle to achieve the higher work output that is necessary for vocational and off-highway truck applications.”


Modular Design


Thanks to DuroSpeed’s modular design and the BorgWarner conversion kit, you can easily convert any BorgWarner K30 or K32 on/off fan drive to a K32 DuroSpeed fan drive. The conversion process requires just a few new parts, which are included in the kit, and can be done without removing the belt from the clutch hub. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive to do.

Benefits of DuroSpeed Fan Drive

  • Innovative flux ring design cools the drive assembly, significantly extending bearing and liner life
  • FailSafe™ design: spring engaged, air disengaged
  • No spinning air Connections to wear, inspect or service
  • Trusted Powerwedge™ technology
  • Increased dynamic torque capacity, thanks to unique engagement system design
  • Easy flux ring removal prevents overcooling in winter months
  • 4.4-8.8 pounds less and 11 fewer components than comparable units
  • 1 year unlimited miles warranty

Watch this video to learn how to convert an on/off fan drive to a DuroSpeed fan drive on the BorgWarner YouTube channel.

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