Warranty on Leading BorgWarner Thermal Products

BorgWarner offers both a direct file and a new service warranty on key thermal products.

  • The direct file warranty may be applied after the expiration of the OEM base chassis warranty. It starts when the OE installed product is placed into service. Time and miles follow the chassis.
  • Our new service warranty starts when a product is purchased and applies for the time or distance specified.

BorgWarner’s entire product liability and the exclusive remedy under this warranty is reimbursement of the cost of the BorgWarner product according to the then-current BorgWarner price. This warranty is limited to BorgWarner products purchased in the United States and Canada.

All failed BorgWarner products must be presented to BorgWarner at one of its facilities within the United States. BorgWarner reserves the right to make final determination of the responsibility for all warranty claims. BorgWarner shall not be liable for any incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to rental cars, towing fees or for any service costs not directly related to the BorgWarner products.

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