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Senior Engineer

bw_wordkay_placeBellwood - Illinois - USA

bw_wordkay_timeJul 30, 2020

bw_wordkay_optionFull time


The incumbent's job responsibilities necessitate communication with a wide variety of individuals.  Program work will require contact with Production, Manufacturing, Product Design, Tooling, Sales personnel and outside suppliers.  The incumbent consults with the team leader and manager on unusual problems and developments.


The responsibility consists of in the formulation of production methods or processes, using data from Product Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Sales to determine the functional requirements of the product. Through information supplied or from investigation, consistently seek methods to allow the manufacture of parts on a timely and economical basis, keeping energy conservation in mind, to meet customer's demands. Incumbent measures and predicts the degree of control attainable with a current process based on technical and organization limitations.


The incumbent applies intensive and diversified knowledge of engineering principles and practices in broad areas of assignments and related fields.  The position makes decisions independently on engineering problems and methods.  A continuing awareness of existing technology within the incumbent's area of specialty must be maintained through exposure to professional journals and attendance at trade shows, benchmarking and cross functional training.


Given relevant data concerning the process, the incumbent determines the capability and feasibility of existing equipment and specifies modifications or substitutions within the limits of economic justification. There are times when new equipment is needed to improve the ergonomics of an operation, protect the worker and the environment or a special design and building of equipment or fixtures for a particular process or machine. Skill and knowledge in both Project Management and Statistical Process Control,  are required for incumbent to be successful.


The incumbent interacts with vendors, product engineers, electricians, unit managers, shift foremen, maintenance personnel, and the Quality Assurance department.


The incumbent should have a thorough understanding of the Unit's processes used to make current products, as well as theoretical engineering understanding to relate new production requirements into existing processes. This sometimes requires keeping existing equipment operational, troubleshooting tooling issues, product design and process parameters, and training personnel on the operation of equipment.


The incumbent has the authority to act as project leader to design or supervise the design of equipment needed to meet the process and economic requirements. The equipment is implemented into production through debugging and follow-up to verify its technical adequacy, economic and safe performance.


This position is challenged by unexpected breakdowns of major equipment and the education of operators and support personnel to prevent such breakdowns and increase efficiencies. It will be the incumbent's responsibility to ensure quick turnaround of repairs on this major equipment, determining cause(s) of failure and implement corrective actions and preventative maintenance procedures to eliminate repeat failures of said equipment. A thorough knowledge of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, machine programming software, ladder logic, PLC programming and robotic controls and interfacing is required.



Investigate, evaluate, and implement strategies to provide manufacturing process solutions to meet production quality and economic requirements. Coordinate input and formulate manufacturing methods for new products and changes in processing of existing products. Initiate or coordinate tests aimed at defining or determining problems related to equipment and process performance. Measure, calculate, and monitor the degree or control attainable with the processes. Assist in the direction and training or production support personnel in the use of process parameters and related equipment. Maintain technical records and data on process and equipment and communicate same for maintenance or process capability. Use project management skills to implement turnkey programs for new equipment/line installation. Utilize SPC knowledge to identify and eliminate quality issues as they arise and to design quality into new systems.

Use extensive experience and troubleshooting skills to determine cause(s) of equipment malfunction, downtime or stoppage; coordinate and supervise repairs of all types of manufacturing equipment.


Degree Requirements: Bachelor's Degree in Manufacturing, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering; Masters Degree Preferred


Other Qualifications:

  • 3 - 6 years of progressive manufacturing experience.

A knowledge of current practice in the field of manufacturing processes is required to assist in the direction and training of supporting personnel.

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