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Looking to kick start your career and curious about the transforming world of mobility?

BorgWarner is the place for you.

Our drive for excellence is key to our success. Hiring and developing the right talent is what powers it.

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Strength in Diversity

BorgWarner believes in mutual respect and creating a safe environment where all are able to be their genuine selves, and feel welcomed, valued, and compelled to share their ideas.

Our employee belonging groups (EBGs) celebrate diversity and promote inclusion through encouraging networking, professional development, and cultural awareness aligned to our beliefs and strategies. These are voluntary, employee-driven teams that are supported with BorgWarner resources and executive sponsors. Groups include:
  • BorgWarner African Ancestry Network Group (BAANG)
  • PRIDE - celebrates diversity with people who identify as LGBTQ+ or are allies of the community
  • Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)
  • BorgWarner Engagement Action Team (BEAT)
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