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A step towards - Sustainability

We moved one more step ahead of our commitment towards #Sustanbility . The plantation drive was conducted by #IPEC #BorgWarner #CSRteam in association with the environmental-based NGO #SayTrees near Bengaluru.

With a pledge to plant, nurture and grow more trees in our community and neighbourhoods, we facilitated #1500 plants on this day via #miyawakiforest method, around 60 IPEC BorgWarner Volunteers who joined this endeavor alongside our Global Director for PDS Systems and Software Chandrasekar Krishnamurthy & IPEC Head - Dwarka Simili.

The tree plantation drive not only contributed to enhancing the area's green cover but also served as a symbol of unity, a collective action in the face of pressing environmental challenges and fostering a sustainable environment for our future generations.

The success of the event was not only measured by the number of plants planted but also by the lasting impact it had on the hearts and minds of the participants. Their shared experience of working towards a common cause fostered a sense of community and responsibility towards the environment, inspiring them to continue their efforts beyond this event.

Kudos to team that volunteered over weekend for noble cause and genuinely believing on #giving back to community and #BorgWarner IPEC’s commitment to #sustainability.

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