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Power Drive Systems

BorgWarner India Technical Centre (ITC) is focused on Systems, Software engineering and Electronics Hardware development for electric propulsion products for xEV. BorgWarner’s “Charging Forward” vision established this center with the mission of providing high quality, cost effective, Engineering solutions to multiple PowerDrive System (PDS) for global and regional OEMs.  

With the increased footprint and the planned expansion to a 1,00,000 Sq. Ft of floor space that will also house a 11,000 Sq. Ft high voltage electric propulsion lab, Tech Centre India Bengaluru will meet the increasing demand for Systems engineering and Software & hardware development skills to support global R&D projects as well as local customers. Established in 2000, this center was formerly Delphi Technologies (TCI) before being acquired by BorgWarner in 2020 and integrated with PDS to strengthen inhouse systems & software capability.  

The work environment reflects BorgWarner’s commitment to innovation through collaboration. ITC is BorgWarner’s standing statement of vested interest in its continued investments in Bangalore which includes collaboration with regional universities and contributions to local charitable organizations, driving the automotive industry—and the local economy—forward. 

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