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BorgWarner Moves - Ping Pong Championship

Ping Pong is a mind game, not a paddle game

We at TCI #borgwarner Bangalore has organized Ping Pong Championship Tournament as a part of BorgWarner Moves (charities focused on Diversity, Equity, or Inclusion)

A lot of participations...a lot of talent in our #workforce who took part in Singles, Doubles and mixed doubles.

This tournament has encouraged and inspired individuals and team players to give back to the community.

#BorgWarnerMoves is an initiative that supports both your health and charitable organizations!

The BorgWarner MOVES initiative counts steps taken during physical activity and records them in order to meet a given goal for participating Business Units. As a result, the company will make donations to various local charities around the world.

#diversity #inclusion #team #community #health

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