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Quality gives security

Our aim is to meet your requirements. You can therefore expect the highest quality from us when it comes to our products and services. We closely monitor each component: scope, quality, cost, and time. We ensure that our processes are scalable, thereby guaranteeing both the implementation of prototypes needed in the short term and long-term product developments.

In our daily work we rely on the Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. This obliges us to provide the necessary personnel and material resources. IMS enables us to keep an overview of all business-critical processes and to meet constantly changing requirements. In this way, it helps us to achieve our long-term goal of maintaining technological leadership and improving customer satisfaction on a sustainable and continuous basis thanks to increased efficiency and quality.

The commitment and active participation of all employees are crucial to this approach. Every employee is therefore invited to propose improvements and enhancements.

Our IMS ensures archiving, auditing, document management and continuous improvement through the participation of all parties.

Development according to the V-model

Our development processes are based on the V-model. Milestones and reviews in each phase ensure that we can identify and address errors and potential risks at an early stage.

Suppliers quality assurance

BorgWarner Engineering Services Switzerland AG is a leading supplier of innovative development services and products in the field of application-specific drive technology and power electronics. We operate an Integrated Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 in order to continuously and sustainably achieve and improve our long-term excellence goals and customer satisfaction.
The procurement of external components, products and services is handled according to our supply chain process. Your deliveries have a direct impact on the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, we evaluate and support you with appropriate care and help you actively to improve. From this we derive minimum requirements for your quality management system.


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