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Note from a visit to the Intervention Centre

On June 16th, 2023, we had the pleasure to pay a visit to the Care and Educational Facility of the Intervention Type located at 10 Rajska Street in Krakow. It is a safe place, filled with love and fully adapted to provide the basic needs of the child. The facility is intended for children up to 10 years of age who, due to various difficult situations in the family environment, have been forcibly taken away from parental care in order to place them in a place where no harm is done to them, where they can eat a hot meal, receive clean clothes, have medical care, or even receive materials necessary to participate in school life. The children's visit to the institution usually does not last long, or at least until the threat is eliminated so that the child can return to the family home.

               The visit to the facility was the culmination of the project "We record, we help!" implemented by BorgWarner employees, on the occasion of Children's Day. The main assumption of the project was to gather people willing to take part in the recording of several fairy tales on Audio media, which will then be handed over to both the company's employees and children in the Intervention Facility. Volunteers, in cooperation with the "Nonogram" recording studio located at 10-12 Jana Kochanowskiego Street in Krakow, lent their voices in a professional studio to play the stories presented in fairy tales. The event also helped to strengthen the bonds among the employees who, being in different teams, came together to help the youngest.

               After finishing the fairy tale readings and refining the recordings, we went with a delegation to the Facility at Rajska 10. Equipped with three large packages and a bag with sweets, we went through the door of the Facility, where we were immediately greeted by its Director as well as by its current residents. The children greeted us without embarrassment and immediately encouraged us to play. After preparing all the gifts on the large table, under the watchful eye of the children's educators, we let the children open the gifts. The process of opening gifts and choosing notebooks made them very happy. Both the children and the staff of the facility thanked us very much for the gifts and encouraged us to spend some time together playing and talking. The children really liked the recordings of fairy tales. So much so that they did not want to agree to slightly lower the volume of the recording. During the conversation, the director familiarized us with the rules prevailing in the facility and for what reason the facility operates.

               Soon after, we thanked everyone for the nice welcome and the children thanked them again for the gifts. We were invited to visit the facility more often to play with children for a moment, because it gives them a lot of joy.

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