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Air quality sensors_BorgWarner Poland Turbo Systems

We truly enjoy implementing such initiatives! J One of our employees has turned to us with a question whether we could buy 5 air quality sensors and install them in Rzeszów and our company area.

Actions supporting environmental protection and the local community are one of our key messages. Therefore, we decided to implement our employee’s idea and enable monitoring the quality of air we inhale.

The company providing us with this solution is called Airly whose system is a tool that realistically allows our society to solve the problem of smog and assumes a comprehensive data collection service on air quality and informs residents about it.

Given our very good cooperation with Universities in Rzeszów, we decided to install our sensors on their premises. Two at the Rzeszów University of Technology and one at the University of Law and Public Administration – University of Rzeszów and the University of Information Technology and Management and within our Company.We had the pleasure to host University representatives in our company's headquarters in order to sing a cooperation agreement.

After the installation of sensors is done, we will provide more information of how can one read the outcomes. 

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