Global Assignments

Aetna International - Medical Plan

As an International assignee, BorgWarner offers you one of three Aetna International medical plans:

Expatriate plan (US employees on assignment in a non-US county)

Inpatriate plan (Employees from a non-US country on assignment in the US)

Third Country National plan (non-US employees on assignment in another non-US country)

All three plans offer you freedom to visit a doctor or medical facility of your choice without a referral, anywhere in the world. Coverage levels and payment responsibilities vary among the three plans (refer to your specific plan document or contact the Aetna International Member Service Center).

*As of January 01, 2019, all plans are now accompanied by a dental plan as well. Please see the below documents for more details.

The Aetna International Member Service Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions that you have regarding your plan. Simply call 800-231-7729 (toll-free from U.S.) or +1 813-775-0190 (direct).

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