K-ALLOY™ provides unexpected levels of corrosion resistance when compared to traditional aluminum alloys.

  • No need for layers/elimination of secondary coatings
  • No water intrusion due to corrosion
  • Components can be placed lower in the vehicle
  • Components can withstand harsher environments
  • Can withstand strict environments for aluminum components and weight reduction requirements
Housing with no visual signs of corrosion

Housing shows no visual corrosion, nor metal loss due to chemical reaction.

No signs of water intrusion nor surface corrosion

Same housing shows the top cover removed. The sealed surface remains intact and shows no signs of water intrusion nor surface corrosion.


K-ALLOY™ (A-304) is an excellent general purpose die casting alloy for any part that is required to perform in a harsh environment. Examples including: commercial outdoor lighting, electronic equipment, saltwater applications, defense, to automotive harsh under hood environments.

Construction & Agriculture

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  • BorgWarner licenses K-ALLOY™ producers (smelters) worldwide that can sell to anyone that wants to use K-ALLOY™.
  • Smelters may have multiple supply locations, depending on region or country.

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