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Pure AI, and Balanced Fe, for Higher %e

K-ALLOY™ parts have higher elongation and energy absorbing characteristics.

> 5% elongation can be exoected, which makes self threading fasteners, and the elimination of extra tapping operations, possible.

The combination of high elongation and high yield strength, makes K-ALLOY™ a suitable candidate for replacement of gravity cast A356-T6 catsings.

The structural performance of K-ALLOY™ part is suitable for replacement of any application using high pressure die cast A380, ADC12, or high pressure, vaccuum die cast A365 alloy.

A304 Material Properties

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  • BorgWarner licenses K-ALLOY™ producers (smelters) worldwide that can sell to anyone that wants to use K-ALLOY™.
  • Smelters may have multiple supply locations, depending on region or country.

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