Developed for the Auto Industry, BorgWarner’s Proven Advanced Friction Technologies Are Attracting New Customers in Growth Markets

Auburn Hills, Michigan, January 6, 2011 – After leading the automotive industry in designing and producing wet friction materials for more than 50 years, BorgWarner’s advanced technologies are gaining customers in the agricultural and construction market. Building on its European market presence, BorgWarner entered the North American market a few years ago. Since then, BorgWarner has launched a variety of new friction plates for John Deere and CNH America LLC with total volumes of nearly two million parts a year. BorgWarner’s friction plates are used in transmissions, differentials, power take-off units and wet brakes for drive axles on vehicles such as tractors, combines and front-end loaders.

“Driven by demand for BorgWarner’s advanced technologies, we anticipate more than 50% growth in BorgWarner’s friction products for the agricultural and construction market during the next five years,” said John Sanderson, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Drivetrain Systems. “With our design, development and testing capabilities, BorgWarner delivers custom engineering support for almost any application. Our innovative materials, groove patterns and finishing techniques are once again setting new standards in performance and durability.”

To address the specific performance requirements of the agricultural and construction market, BorgWarner developed new high-static coefficient friction materials. These new materials boost break-away characteristics, allowing the friction plate to hold higher torque without slipping. In addition to improving torque capacity for better performance, higher static materials reduce weight, which helps increase fuel economy. In another innovation, BorgWarner combined molded and full-depth groove patterns to disperse heat during engagement and help reduce drag. Multi-segmented designs optimize material utilization and lower costs, an important feature for friction plates that reach outside diameters of up to 20 inches and inside diameters of 12 inches.

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