BorgWarner Supplies Turbochargers for Mercedes-Benz Actros Heavy-Duty Trucks Built in Brazil

BorgWarner Provides Localized Production, Supporting the Entire Mercedes-Benz Euro V Engine Line in Brazil

Auburn Hills, Michigan, August 4, 2015 – BorgWarner produces S-Series turbochargers for Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy-duty trucks powered by its new engine, now produced in Brazil. BorgWarner supports the company with localized manufacturing for its entire Euro V engine line, producing turbochargers at its facility in Itatiba City, Brazil. BorgWarner received a 2014 Mercedes-Benz Brazil Supplier Award in the Innovation Technology category for its successful turbocharger launch for the new Mercedes-Benz Euro V engine families in South America.

“BorgWarner has been producing turbochargers for commercial vehicles in Brazil for 40 years. At our new facility in Itatiba, we have added capacity to help our customers increase Brazilian-made content in their vehicles,” said Frédéric Lissalde, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Turbo Systems. “In Brazil, commercial trucks transport the vast majority of goods throughout the country, carrying heavy loads over rough roads and varying elevations. BorgWarner’s turbochargers deliver the proven performance and durability on which long distance and construction haulers depend.”

For modern commercial vehicle applications, turbocharger life often depends on the durability of the compressor impeller. For greater reliability even under consistently extreme loads, BorgWarner’s S-series turbochargers feature forged and milled titanium impellers, which resist low cycle fatigue (LCF) and high cycle fatigue (HCF) better than aluminum alloys. Dual-flow turbine housings divide exhaust gas flow to better utilize pulse energy to drive the turbine wheel, obtaining more power from the exhaust for dynamic response and high efficiency.

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