BorgWarner has Produced Over Five Million DualTronic® Clutch and Control Modules for Volkswagen

BorgWarner’s Facilities in Arnstadt and Tulle Provide Volkswagen’s DQ250 transmission with Dual-Clutch Transmission Modules for Increased Efficiency, Shift Performance and Fuel Economy

Auburn Hills, Michigan, August 27, 2015 – BorgWarner has produced more than five million DualTronic® clutch and control modules for Volkswagen’s dual-clutch transmission (DCT) DQ250 at its facilities in Arnstadt, Germany, and Tulle, France. Available for numerous vehicles such as the Volkswagen Golf and Passat, the Skoda Octavia and Superb, and Audi’s A3 and Q3, BorgWarner started manufacturing its state-of-the-art DualTronic clutch and control modules for Volkswagen in 2003. The facilities in Arnstadt and Tulle also provide numerous other renowned automakers with their advanced transmission technology.

“During the last few years, our leading manufacturing plants for DCT technology in Arnstadt and Tulle have enhanced their production capacities to meet the increasing demand for our advanced transmission solutions. We are very proud to announce the production of over five million DualTronic clutch and control modules for Volkswagen,” said Robin Kendrick, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Transmission Systems. “BorgWarner’s advanced DualTronic clutch and control modules offer increased shift performance and efficiency for responsive shifting and a dynamic fun-to-drive experience.”

BorgWarner’s DualTronic technology consists of a dual-clutch module manufactured in Arnstadt, Germany, and a control module produced in Tulle, France. Utilizing two wet clutches in an oil bath to engage the odd and even gears respectively, BorgWarner’s dual clutch module allows shifts within fractions of a second with no perceptible interruption of the power flow. For responsive shifting and dynamic performance, the control module uses compact electro-hydraulic solenoid valves to precisely regulate the clutch as well as the transmission’s gearshift actuation system. Featuring tunable launch characteristics, high thermal robustness and scalable torque capacity in a compact and modular design, BorgWarner’s dual-clutch technology delivers fuel economy to rival that of single-clutch automated gearboxes and shift quality comparable to that of the best conventional automatic transmissions.

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