BorgWarner Produces New Auxiliary Thermal Coolant Pump for Chinese Compact SUV

BorgWarner’s Coolant Pump Technology Supports Broad Range of Powertrains, from Internal Combustion to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Auburn Hills, Michigan, January 18, 2016 – BorgWarner supplies the electric auxiliary thermal coolant pump (ATCP) for a turbocharged compact SUV built by a major Chinese automaker. Featuring a brushless, no-leak, low-noise design with integrated microcontroller, BorgWarner’s ATCP provides a continuous flow of coolant through auxiliary circuits even when the engine is shut down, helping auxiliary components maintain optimal operating temperature and contributing to longer component life, improved fuel economy and lower emissions. In this application, a 100-watt ATCP assists in turbocharger and indirect charge air cooling.

“Turbocharged vehicles employ an auxiliary pump to optimize cooling efficiency. Vehicles with stop/start systems benefit from an auxiliary pump to maintain cabin temperatures when the engine shuts down. Electric and hybrid vehicles benefit from an auxiliary pump to improve driver comfort and keep batteries at a constant temperature to maximize driving range. BorgWarner’s ATCP supports all of these powertrains,” said Daniel Paterra, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Thermal Systems. “BorgWarner is pleased to provide engineering and localized production from our campus in Ningbo, China, for a growing list of automakers.”

BorgWarner’s family of ATCPs is designed for a variety of automotive and commercial vehicle voltage ranges to support a wide range of small- and medium-flow applications. When the engine is running, an integrated microcontroller communicates directly with the engine controller to maintain optimum speed for engine conditions, from 0 to 100 percent depending on the application. When the engine is off, the ATCP transmits heat to a heater core (or heat exchanger) to keep auxiliary systems working at optimal temperatures. Featuring an optimized brushless DC motor and floating rotor, BorgWarner’s ATCP delivers superior performance with very low noise. The innovative no-leak design does not require a face or lip seal, eliminating a high-wear component for improved durability.

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