BorgWarner Equips New Diesel Engines from SsangYong with Ceramic Glow Plugs and Glow Plug Control Modules

BorgWarner’s Innovative Diesel Cold-Start Technologies Feature Rapid Heat-Up and High Glow Temperatures for Reduced Emissions and Improved Fuel Economy

Auburn Hills, Michigan, September 29, 2016
– BorgWarner supplies its advanced diesel cold-start system with ceramic glow plugs (CGP) and glow plug control module for SsangYong’s new 1.6-liter and 2.2-liter DTX engines. Featuring BorgWarner’s fast-heating diesel cold-start technology, the glow plugs help optimize combustion for several vehicles from leading South Korean automaker SsangYong, including the all-new compact Tivoli SUV as well as the Korando and Korando Sport. Equipped with a stop/start function, all models are planned for release in Europe and North America.

“BorgWarner’s state-of-the-art diesel cold-start technologies optimize combustion processes to achieve improved fuel economy and reduced emissions,” said Brady Ericson, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Emissions Systems. “Designed to help meet current emissions standards, BorgWarner’s CGP and glow plug control module heat up faster and last longer than competitive models, delivering reliable engine starts and lower emissions. We are pleased to provide these advanced technologies to SsangYong.”

Specially designed to heat more rapidly than comparable ceramic glow plugs, BorgWarner’s CGP provides a heat-up time of less than 2 seconds and achieves a maximum glow temperature of up to 1,250 degrees Celsius. By starting the engine quickly and efficiently, BorgWarner’s cold-start technology helps optimize the combustion process, which results in burning less fuel and creating fewer emissions. Installed in symmetrical rotation, the advanced heating element is composed  of an electrically conductive solid ceramic and features a surface with a higher specific resistance than the material of the conductors for supply and return. While comparable models utilize a heating element inside the glow pin that must heat up completely, the CGP`s glow pin glows only at the tip and surface. BorgWarner’s CGP features an optimized closed-loop control for pre-heating, intermediate heating and post-heating. The CGP offers superior durability with an extended lifetime as a result of its increased heat resistance.

BorgWarner also provides its glow plug control module, which precisely matches the heating performance to the requirements of the engine. The module always supplies the CGP with the optimum effective voltage for the respective operating point, allowing the glow plug temperature to be controlled according to the operating state. The combination of the CGP and electronic control module heat up the glow plug extremely quickly.

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