BorgWarner Provides Advanced Chain Drive Systems for Trumpchi GS4 SUV from GAC Motor

  • Silent chain technology improves durability and reduces friction
  • Optimized resistance to chain elongation
  • Engine timing system components allow to optimally tune engine for improved fuel economy and reduced emissions

Auburn Hills, Michigan, April 24 – BorgWarner supplies its advanced engine timing chain drive systems for the Trumpchi GS4 SUV’s turbocharged 1.5-liter engine from Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., Ltd. (GAC Motor). Designed to reduce mass and friction for improved fuel economy, performance and engine efficiency, BorgWarner’s next-generation inverted tooth silent chain helps GAC Motor meet current market demands. The latest timing chain technology offers best-in-class strength and durability as well as minimum noise, vibration and harshness and will be produced in China for the first time, enabling BorgWarner to locally support automakers with its high-quality solution.

“We are pleased to supply GAC Motor with our proven engine timing technology, which supports automakers in building highly efficient propulsion systems,” said Joel Wiegert, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Morse Systems. “By understanding the complex interactions between the different engine timing components, we are able to deliver leading integrated systems solutions that are optimized for customer-specific applications.”

Engineered to withstand high temperatures and tough operating conditions, BorgWarner’s leading T111 inverted tooth silent chain features super finish aperture (SFA) links for improved durability. In addition to an improved link and chain design, the silent chain features a hard-coated pin technology that enhances wear performance for severe environments compared with traditional pin coatings. Due to its high robustness, the silent chain for turbocharged engines offers improved durability and optimized resistance to chain elongation. By supplying numerous components of the engine timing system, BorgWarner provides designers with a wide range of options for an optimally tuned engine with improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

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