BorgWarner Provides Propulsion System Solutions for GAC Trumpchi’s High-end Models

  • BorgWarner’s NexTrac® all-wheel drive coupling enables improved stability and traction
  • Durable silent chain technology significantly enhances engine performance and reduces noise, vibration and harshness
  • Integrated wastegate turbocharger improves fuel economy and reduces emissions

Auburn Hills, Michigan, Nov 11, 2017 – BorgWarner’s comprehensive propulsion system solutions help GAC Motor improve the engine and driveline performance of Trumpchi’s high-end models. For Trumpchi’s GS8 flagship SUV, BorgWarner’s NexTrac® all-wheel drive (AWD) system improves stability, traction and agility while its durable silent chain technology delivers low noise and high efficiency for the vehicle’s driveline. In response to increasingly stringent emission standards, a wide range of Trumpchi’s C-level models, such as the GA8, GS8, GM8 and GS7, are equipped with BorgWarner’s wastegate turbocharger for improved engine performance and fuel economy.

“We are pleased to provide reliable technology and support for Trumpchi, the leading domestic auto brand of China, as the company expands into the high-end market segment with sedans, SUVs and MPVs,” said Tom Tan, President, BorgWarner China. “We expect to continue to strengthen our mutually rewarding cooperation, assisting the global take-off of China’s domestic car brands while expanding our sales in the local market.”

The compact, lightweight NexTrac system enables improved stability and traction, contributing to better fuel economy. In addition, the AWD solution uses friction plates in the primary clutch for low noise, vibration and harshness.

BorgWarner’s silent chain technology delivers lighter weight, smaller package size and lower cost compared with gear drives. Even at high engine speeds, the proven technology provides reliable durability.

BorgWarner’s wastegate turbocharger technology helps reduce emissions and improve fuel economy while enhancing performance and low-end torque for a fun-to-drive experience. By integrating the exhaust manifold into the turbocharger volute, BorgWarner successfully reduced the size and weight of the turbocharger, resulting in optimized heat recovery and improved efficiency.



BorgWarner provides all-wheel drive systems, engine timing chain and turbocharging solutions for GAC Trumpchi’s high-end models.

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