BorgWarner Presents Future-Proof Solutions at EV Japan 2018

  • Wide range of electrification and hybridization technologies on display
  • Solutions improve emissions, fuel efficiency and performance
  • Focus on 48-volt hybrid and pure electric applications

Auburn Hills, Michigan, January 17, 2018 – From January 17 to 19, 2018, BorgWarner showcases multiple solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles at the EV Japan 2018 trade fair. At booth E57-40, in East Hall 6 of the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center, the company will put a special focus on technologies supporting the transition to electrified propulsion systems. The on-site portfolio of the global product leader in clean and efficient technologies for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles will include BorgWarner’s integrated belt alternator starter (iBAS), electric Drive Module (eDM), high-voltage air heater as well as P2 off-axis module.

“At BorgWarner, we have dedicated ourselves to developing propulsion solutions for a cleaner and more energy-efficient world,” said Scott Gallett, Vice President, Marketing, Public Relations and Government Affairs, BorgWarner. “As the electrification trend in Asia continues to grow quickly, the annual EV Japan trade fair provides the ideal opportunity to exhibit our extensive know-how and broad product portfolio.”

BorgWarner’s advanced eDM is available for various motor sizes. This innovative technology for P4-type hybrid and pure electric vehicles combines the company’s high voltage hairpin (HVH) motor technology and eGearDrive® transmission for efficient hybridization with reduced costs, weight and space requirements.

Developed for use in 48-volt applications, BorgWarner’s iBAS saves significant amounts of fuel. In addition to facilitating quiet and quick engine startups, the integrated alternator features built-in power electronics and provides hybrid functionality by generating energy though its electric machine, adding torque on demand and allowing regenerative braking.

As part of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, BorgWarner’s leading high-voltage air heater utilizes ceramic positive temperature coefficient (PTC) components to heat the air coming from the blower. As an industry-first, the system offers dual-zone functionality for enhanced driver and passenger comfort as well as increased efficiency. In addition to quick and high heat delivery, it also offers fast windshield defrosting. By automatically reducing and ultimately terminating the electric current at high temperatures, the system’s PTC components offer desirable control to prevent overheating.

Supporting the increasing demand for electrified propulsion concepts, BorgWarner’s off-axis P2 hybrid module allows the cost-effective conversion of combustion vehicles into hybrids. Placed between the engine and transmission, the module combines a dual mass flywheel, clutch control, engine disconnect clutch and high-voltage electric traction motor positioned parallel to the main axis. The advanced system provides hybrid functionalities such as regenerative braking and boosting, stop/start capability and pure electric driving.


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