BorgWarner Presents Broad Product Portfolio for Combustion, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles at Auto China 2018

  • Visit booth W3-W01 to see BorgWarner’s innovative technologies for cleaner and more efficient mobility
  • P2 modules and eBooster® technologies propel and boost hybrid vehicles
  • eDM/iDM modules drive pure-electric vehicles
  • Exhaust heat recovery systems improve fuel economy and reduce emissions

Auburn Hills, Michigan,  April 25, 2018 – BorgWarner will present its broad product portfolio at the 15th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2018), taking place from April 25 to May 4 at the China International Exhibition Center. Echoing the theme of “Steering to a New Era,” the company will show its broad product portfolio of technology solutions for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles, engineered to help automakers address tomorrow’s challenges. At booth W3-W01, visitors can learn about the latest technologies from BorgWarner, including P0 and P2 modules for hybrid vehicles, electric drive modules/integrated drive modules (eDM/iDM), electric motors, thermal management technologies for battery and cabin heating, eBooster® electrically driven boosting technology and exhaust heat recovery systems (EHRS). BorgWarner also showcases power electronics technologies after acquiring former Sevcon, Inc., the UK-based new energy vehicle control device and battery charger manufacturer.

“Electric and hybrid vehicle technologies are the focus of the ‘Made in China 2025’ Action Plan set forth by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The largest auto market in the world, China witnessed robust growth in hybrid and pure electric vehicle sales volume over the past few years,” said Tom Tan, Vice President of BorgWarner and President of BorgWarner China. “As a long-term partner of automotive manufacturers, BorgWarner is committed to creating a clean and energy-efficient world. Our advanced solutions help accelerate integration of innovative technologies, while improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. We are dedicated to enabling Chinese automakers to meet challenges and seize opportunities for future development in the automotive industry.”

Demand for hybrid engines is strong due to increasingly stricter emission regulations. The launch of a credit-score program in 2018, which aims to gradually phase out fossil-fuel powered vehicles, further accelerates the upgrade of the auto industry. To support the transition to cleaner and more efficient vehicles, BorgWarner will have on display the highly adaptive on-axis P2 module for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). With P2 clutch module integrated into the efficient on-axis configuration, the company’s highly flexible technology facilitates fast-to-market hybridization by enabling pure electric driving as well as hybrid functionalities and allows automakers to maximize the use of existing production lines.

In addition, BorgWarner will showcase its proven eBooster® electrically driven compressor at Auto China 2018. As an important complementary product for traditional turbocharging solutions and a key enabler for downsizing and downspeeding, BorgWarner’s 48-volt eBooster® electrically driven compressor delivers boost on demand, improves boost at low engine speeds and nearly eliminates turbo lag. Other highlights at the exhibition include BorgWarner’s innovative EHRS which helps shorten engine warm-up time, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, and can also be used for cabin heating.

For all-electric vehicles, BorgWarner has developed the eDM/iDM electric drive module. The eDM combines an electric motor with an eGearDrive® transmission, while iDM modules integrate the gearbox, electric motor and inverter. The integrated design of the electric motor and transmission enables weight, cost and space savings, meeting the trend for lightweight, green and energy-efficient vehicles.

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