As Good as New – BorgWarner’s Large Portfolio of REMAN Technologies Supports Vehicles Through Every Stage of Life

  • Remanufactured solutions meet stringent BorgWarner quality standards
  • REMAN products offer same as new performance and durability for cost-conscious customers
  • BorgWarner offers solutions that fit a car’s current value
  • Reducing industrial waste and saving materials promotes sustainability

Auburn Hills, Michigan, September 11, 2018 – Offering cost-effective solutions while protecting the environment and conserving natural resources – BorgWarner’s REMAN program. For the past 27 years the company has been remanufacturing turbochargers in multiple plants on different continents. Within this time 14,300 tons of cast iron and 3,700 tons of aluminum have been saved by reusing 4.7 million housings – turbine, bearing and compressor housings. Compared to new replacement products, these remanufactured OE parts are a sustainable and environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective solution for vehicles in a later stage of life. Reprocessed according to the company’s standards, REMAN parts offer the same advantages and the same performance as BorgWarner’s new series products. The company’s REMAN portfolio currently includes turbochargers and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves.

“Our REMAN technologies are a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative for workshops and customers around the globe. By remanufacturing we save resources and reduce emissions,” said Michael Boe, Vice President and General Manager, Global Aftermarket, BorgWarner Turbo Systems. “We are proud to supply our customers with REMAN technologies. In doing so, we support the idea of sustainability and follow our vision of a clean and energy-efficient world.”

BorgWarner rebuilds used or not properly working turbochargers utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and processes to recover parts, thus reducing industrial waste. Following an initial inspection each turbocharger is disassembled in order to retain as much of the original material as possible. During a cleaning process using advanced technologies, contaminants are removed and the components are returned to their original level of cleanliness. Further inspection of the individual components identifies the parts that are acceptable for reuse. The company uses state-of-the-art processing techniques controlled by strict manufacturing guidelines and quality assurance processes in order to ensure all parts meet the specifications. Testing and validation has been carried out to ensure that all REMAN turbochargers meet the same standards as the company’s OE products. As a result, remanufactured products offer the same excellent performance that our customers have come to expect.

The same also applies to the company’s remanufactured EGR valves. They are a key factor for EGR systems as they precisely meter the exhaust gas flow which is redirected back into the intake system. Consequently, BorgWarner’s REMAN EGR valves support the reduction of NOx emissions for most types of engines. At the same time, the company provides customers of the aftermarket with a solution that fits their vehicle’s current value and promotes sustainability.

Besides delivering its REMAN technologies, BorgWarner has focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, decreasing waste and conserving water for many years. Sustainability plays a very important role and is an essential part of BorgWarner’s vision, for a clean and energy-efficient world. If you want to learn more about BorgWarner’s commitment and multiple actions as well as ideas on the protection of the environment, visit

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