BorgWarner To Supply P2 On-axis Hybrid Modules to Two Leading Chinese Automakers

  • BorgWarner awarded high-volume contracts by two major Chinese OEMs
  • The compact, cost-effective P2 on-axis module enables both hybrid and pure electric driving
  • Technology features BorgWarner-developed, award-winning S-wind electric motor, integrated clutching, and hydraulic control modules for optimal performance

Auburn Hills, Michigan, September 17, 2018 – BorgWarner has been selected to supply its state-of-the-art on-axis P2 drive module and electro-hydraulic control unit for hybrid-electric vehicles to two leading Chinese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). BorgWarner was chosen as the supplier for these high-volume programs based on the technological advantages their P2 modules deliver including: the  cost-effective power dense electric motor; state-of-the-art clutching and controls technology; and the efficiency, functional and packaging optimization of integrating the modules in the vehicle powertrains. This new business award is the result of close collaboration between the company’s global research and development centers and strong local Chinese engineering capability.  With these two recent awards, BorgWarner will now have content on 18 P2 hybrid transmissions by 2023 serving various global OEMs and spanning multiple vehicle platforms.

            “Our in-house development expertise and extensive hybrid product portfolio provides us with the flexibility to offer customers a wide variety of solutions customized to fit their individual needs,” said Frédéric Lissalde, President and CEO, BorgWarner. “Being awarded these high-volume contracts from key Chinese automakers reinforces the company’s position as a global leader in clean and efficient propulsion systems across all types of powertrains.”

            By placing the electric motor directly between the internal combustion engine and the transmission, BorgWarner’s on-axis P2 drive module delivers cost-effective hybridization by being compatible with existing vehicle platforms. The innovative P2 solution offers the possibility of integrating up to three clutches, including a disconnecting clutch, which allows the system to decouple from the engine for pure electric driving, enabling customers to achieve both their individual fuel-efficiency and performance goals. In addition, BorgWarner can supply the electrohydraulic controls for actuating the wet clutches, giving customers the option to choose individual components or a complete system.

            BorgWarner’s P2 drive module is also available in an off-axis configuration. This design places the electric motor parallel to the main axis and connects the system via one of the company’s durable chain technologies, ensuring maximum torque transfer.

            The company’s P2 drive modules give OEMs the flexibility to place the electric motor where they have space in existing architectures, either on- or off-axis. By using BorgWarner’s award-winning S-wind wire-forming process to create the motor, the P2 drive module produces high power and torque densities in an extremely compact package. In addition, unlike other off-axis P2 solutions that use a belt to attach the system, BorgWarner’s off-axis drive module delivers top performance from connecting the P2 via one of its best-in-strength and durability, quiet, chain drive technologies. Moreover, the solution offers stop/start, regenerative braking and supplemental electric propulsion, and is available for 48-volt and high-voltage hybrid systems.

            In addition to the P2 drive modules, BorgWarner’s extensive product lineup includes solutions for all potential hybrid drive architectures, along with integrated clean and efficient propulsion systems for combustion and electric vehicles. Committed to advancing sustainable mobility, the company continues to work internally and with industry partners to develop next-generation propulsion technologies.

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