Cutting-Edge Technology for Changing Mobility Unveiled at 2018 BorgWarner China Technology Forum

  • Latest R&D advancements for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Business growth for a full range of propulsion solutions
  • Client-oriented localization strategy

Shanghai, China, Sep 28th, 2018 – As one of the most important industry events where BorgWarner exchanges ideas with its partners, the 2018 BorgWarner China Technology Forum focused on cutting-edge technologies for changing mobility. In addition to its technological innovation in leading products for combustion vehicles, BorgWarner presented its innovative products and technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles, including P2 on-axis systems (P means the position of where the motor is placed), P0 integrated belt alternator starters (iBAS), P0/P1/P2.5/P3/P4 motor generator with integrated electronics (MGI), integrated drive modules (iDM), on-board vehicle chargers and high-voltage cabin heaters. These technologies reflect BorgWarner’s global C-H-E (combustion, hybrid and electric) strategy, striking a strong balance in the business growth of product portfolios for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles.

“BorgWarner’s localization strategy is client oriented. The hybrid and electric vehicle market in China has been taking the lead in the world. Taking advantage of this forum, we shared future development  strategies with our partners, which enables us to have a better understanding of market demands and accelerate the localization process,” said Tom Tan, President, BorgWarner China.

During the 2-day technology forum held on September 27 and 28 in Shanghai, BorgWarner engaged in detailed discussions with client representatives and industry experts on the future trends in changing mobility and briefed them on the advanced propulsion system solutions offered by the company.

Targeting the hybrid vehicle market, BorgWarner provides a variety of configurations covering P0-P4 and PS (Power Split) applications. P2 hybrid technology has been enjoying great popularity, since only a small change is made to the original transmission production line and its ROI (Return on Investment) is quite high. Technical experts highlighted BorgWarner’s products in P2 applications and the SW270 Motor for on-axis hybrid applications. In addition, BorgWarner introduced its front end accessary drive (FEAD) tensioners for P0 mild-hybrid applications. The technologies and applications of BorgWarner P0 iBAS and P0/P1/P2.5/P3/P4 MGI were also among the hot topics.

BorgWarner has made significant advancements in the pure-electric vehicle market, including electric drive, transmissions, electric motors, electric controls and thermal management including liquid and air heater. On-board vehicle chargers and fast DC stationary chargers made their debut, the first time these two products have been introduced at a domestic technical forum. As for the eDM/iDM electric drive module developed by BorgWarner, eDM combines an electric motor with an eGearDrive® transmission, while iDM modules integrate the gearbox, electric motor and inverter. The integrated design of the electric motor and transmission enables weight, cost and space savings. BorgWarner’s eDM modules have been used in quite a few models of new-energy vehicles in China, and the iDM modules will be promoted in the Chinese market in the near future. BorgWarner’s high-voltage cabin air heating technology features double insulation protection and dual-zone functionality, which quickly warms the cabin for maximum comfort and rapidly defrosts windows for driving safety.

Guided by its C-H-E Strategy, BorgWarner will continue to increase its investments in China. This March, BorgWarner Emissions & Thermal Systems celebrated the inauguration of its new facility in Ningbo. In August, the company established a facility in Wuhan specializing in propulsion systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. BorgWarner also kicked off its phase two projects at BorgWarner United Transmission Systems Co. Ltd. in Dalian and BorgWarner Automotive Components Co., Ltd. in Tianjin.



The 2018 BorgWarner China Technology Forum was successfully hosted in Shanghai, where the latest R&D advancements for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles were showcased.

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