Future Mobility is Now: BorgWarner at the CTI Symposium 2018 in Berlin, Germany

  • Solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s mobility presented at booth C17, hall 01, from December 3 to 6, 2018
  • Expert lecture on wet clutch efficiency improvements on Wednesday, December 5, 2018, from 12 to 12.30 pm
  • BorgWarner demonstrates hybrid and electric vehicle system expertise

Auburn Hills, Michigan, November 29, 2018 – True to the event's motto "automotive drivetrains, intelligent, electrified”, BorgWarner presents its leading-edge solutions for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles at the CTI Symposium in Berlin, Germany. From December 3 to 6, 2018, the company displays its extensive spectrum of technological progress at booth C17 in hall 01. Besides clean and highly efficient technologies such as the P2 hybrid module, BorgWarner demonstrates its expertise as a system supplier with its all-in-one solution for electric mobility, the integrated Drive Module (iDM). In addition, visitors can learn about the expanded power electronics products at the company's booth. Also, Dr. Friedrich Brezger, Advanced Product Engineering, BorgWarner Inc., Germany, gives a lecture on efficiency improvements for wet clutches on December 5, 2018, from 12 to 12.30 pm.

“Innovation in electric propulsion is progressing at a breathtaking pace. This year’s CTI Symposium in Berlin is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise in that area,” said Scott Gallett, Vice President, Marketing, Public Relations and Government Affairs, BorgWarner. “We are very broadly positioned in the field of future mobility and look forward to supporting our customers in future developments, regardless of the propulsion system used.”

Hybridization Made Easy With BorgWarner's P2 Module

BorgWarner’s P2 module offers manufacturers the opportunity to expand their vehicle portfolio with less investment and provides more flexibility. The innovative solution allows a combustion-powered vehicle to be converted into a hybrid application without changing the engine or the transmission, as it fits in between and can provide all HEV functionality. Comprising an electric motor as well as a decoupling device the system allows all driving modes from boosting to pure electric driving. BorgWarner’s P2 module moreover offers the possibility of integrating up to three clutches. These are operated by the company’s hydraulic control unit which enables smooth transition between hybrid and pure electric driving mode as well as fast change of gears – in case of multiple clutches as in a dual-clutch transmission (DCT) architecture. Available in both on- and off-axis designs, BorgWarner’s P2 module can be individually adapted to the customer’s needs and requirements. They provide high power and a high torque density in an extremely compact package and are adaptable for 48-volt as well as high-voltage hybrid systems.

From Components to System Expertise

The company’s sophisticated transmission, advanced electric motor technology and highly efficient power electronics have been further developed into an integrated system solution, the iDM. In this way, BorgWarner offers its customers an all-in-one solution for electric mobility. The iDM provides high efficiency and first-class noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance. With its compact, lightweight design, BorgWarner’s innovative technology also meets the trend for lightweight and energy-efficient vehicles.

Power Electronics Drive Future Mobility

As power electronics are a key to future mobility, BorgWarner has further expanded its focus on this area. An example of the company’s expertise in power electronics is the innovative Gen5-S9 motor controller: this is an excellent answer to the electrification needs of many customers in the global automotive and commercial vehicle market. The Gen5 design is currently being implemented on several challenging high performance applications while still delivering reliable performance. In this way, BorgWarner provides its customers with solutions tailored to their needs.


BorgWarner CTI 2018

Among BorgWarner’s exhibits at the CTI Symposium 2018 in Berlin, Germany, are the integrated Drive Module (iDM) for electric mobility (left) and the advanced P2 hybrid module (right)

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