BorgWarner Visctronic® Fan Drive Cools Cursor 13 Engines for SFH in China

  • Enables efficient cooling based on dynamic engine needs
  • Operates only when needed to deliver more horsepower, improve fuel economy and reduce noise and emissions
  • Provides reliable long-haul operation even in high temperatures and elevations

Auburn Hills, Michigan, Dec 24, 2018 – BorgWarner’s Visctronic® electronically controlled fan drive helps improve the performance of the Cursor 13 engine from SAIC Fiat Powertrain Hongyan (SFH). Featuring an electronically actuated variable speed fan drive, BorgWarner’s Visctronic fan drive responds directly to engine needs, providing dynamic cooling which results in improved available horsepower and fuel economy as well as less noise and longer durability. The technology provides reliable operation for long-haul trucks even in harsh environments such as high temperatures and elevations.

“Compared with traditional silicon-fluid fan drives, BorgWarner’s electronically controlled Visctronic fan drive delivers more efficient and reliable cooling with less noise,” said Joe Fadool, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Emissions & Thermal Systems. “With the roll out of the State V emissions standard and the potential launch of the State VI standard, we envision tremendous growth potential in electronically controlled fan drives in the Chinese market. Our successful cooperation with SFH is a perfect demonstration of BorgWarner’s localized manufacturing capability to provide high-quality products to Chinese customers.”

Actuated by ambient temperature via a thermostatic coil, conventional fan drives deliver the torque required to adequately cool the engine, but due to the lack of accurate engine temperature inputs, can still draw considerable power when cooling may not be needed, resulting in a significant waste of power. BorgWarner’s Visctronic variable speed fan drive uses specially calibrated software to communicate with the engine’s electronic control unit to continuously respond directly to the engine’s needs based on engine temperature, engine speed, vehicle speed or engine load. Even under dynamic conditions, the Visctronic system operates only when needed, slowing the average fan speed in any given duty cycle to reduce power consumption, minimize noise, vibration and harshness and increase cooling accuracy and efficiency. As a result, the engine runs more efficiently, delivers more horsepower, uses less fuel and emits fewer emissions.


BW-00546-HD Visctronic

博格华纳Visctronic®电控硅油风扇离合器为上汽菲亚特红岩Cursor 13发动机实现高效冷却,提高燃油经济性

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