Woof! History is Made When BorgWarner Presents Championship Trophies to 2019 Indianapolis 500 Winners

  • Legendary team owner Roger Penske receives his 18th BorgWarner Championship Team Owner’s Trophy®, furthering his record-setting Indianapolis 500-win total
  • For the first time ever, the one-of-a-kind replica of the Borg-Warner Trophy, the BorgWarner Championship Driver’s Trophy® affectionately known as the “Baby Borg,” has two faces on the base – Simon Pagenaud, and his dog Norman
  • Norman Pagenaud rocketed to world-wide affection when a photo of him barking with joy in victory lane at the 2019 Indianapolis 500 was widely circulated


Auburn Hills, Michigan, Sept. 9, 2019 – History was made twice at Team Penske headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina when Roger Penske was awarded his 18th BorgWarner Championship Team Owner’s Trophy®, 13 more than the next winningest owner; and the BorgWarner Championship Driver’s Trophy® - for the first time in history - has two faces on it.

2019 Indianapolis 500 winner Simon Pagenaud was presented with his Baby Borg, commemorating his Indianapolis 500 victory, with a special surprise – the likeness of Norman Pagenaud, Simon’s beloved Jack Russell Terrier, on the base of the trophy. Norman, already a fan favorite on the IndyCar circuit, rocketed to global acclaim after his photo celebrating the win with Simon was widely circulated.

“The Indianapolis 500 is one of the most coveted race wins in all of motorsports and it is BorgWarner’s honor to present the keepsake trophies to Simon and Roger,” said Fred Lissalde, Chief Executive Officer, BorgWarner Inc. “Roger has set a standard of excellence at the Indianapolis 500 that may never be broken. His success at one of the toughest races in motorsports is truly historic. Presenting the Baby Borg to Simon, a fellow countryman from France, for winning the Indianapolis 500 is personally a joy for me,” Lissalde added.

 For this year’s Baby Borg, sculptor William Behrends took on the task to sculpt his first non-human face, Simon’s dog Norman Pagenaud. After a photo of Norman barking with joy celebrating in victory lane with Simon was widely circulated, fans clamored for Norman to be added to the Borg-Warner Trophy.

Following a similar procedure that Behrends uses for the drivers’ sculpture, Behrends had a series of photos of Norman’s head from which to sculpt the likeness for the keepsake trophy. While Norman wasn’t able to provide a comment after seeing his likeness, his owner Simon was delighted to learn that Norman’s likeness was attached to his Baby Borg.

"Seeing my face on the trophy was a unique experience of gratefulness and pride. Borg Warner has been such an amazing partner in building traditions around the Indianapolis 500,” said Pagenaud. “Because of these traditions and the fact that this trophy is the most valuable trophy in the world, it continues to build on the reputation of the fastest race in the world. I am mesmerized to see my face next to my models and heroes. Being part of the 500 club and thanks to Borg Warner having an engraved proof of that will remain through time is very special. It is the only race and trophy in the world which allows you to travel through time like an artist may have done it with his art,” Pagenaud added.

In addition to awarding Pagenaud his Baby Borg trophy, BorgWarner also donated $20,000 to IndyHumane – The Humane Society of Indianapolis.  The donation was made in Simon’s name, in recognition of his 2019 Indianapolis 500 win. IndyHumane has been a favorite charity of Pagenaud’s for a number of years, beginning when he lived in the Indianapolis area. Simon fostered a dog for Indy Humane during the Month of May in 2014. Also, he has participated in their signature fundraising event, Mutt Strut at IMS. IndyHumane has served Indianapolis and the surrounding counties since 1905. They provide vital services to animals through sheltering and adopting animals, positive reinforcement behavior training for shelter animals, and outreach through community and shelter programs.

While this is Pagenaud’s first Baby Borg trophy, it is his team owner’s 18th. Penske's longevity is unmatched with Indianapolis 500 wins in five consecutive decades spanning 1972 to 2019. Penske and his team’s accomplishments are legendary in the motorsports world across a multitude of racing disciplines. Cars owned and prepared by Team Penske have earned 541 major race wins, 617 pole positions and 34 championships.

Winners of the Indianapolis 500 do not get to keep the Borg-Warner Trophy, it is permanently displayed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. In 1988 BorgWarner created a miniature version of the BorgWarner trophy as a keepsake for the winning driver. The BorgWarner Championship Driver’s Trophy®, affectionately referred to as the Baby Borg, is a 14-inch tall sterling silver replica of the Borg-Warner Trophy that weighs five pounds and is mounted on a marble base which has the sterling silver bas relief likeness of the driver’ face attached.

In 1998 the company added a keepsake trophy for the winning team owner. Similar to the driver’s trophy, the owner’s Baby Borg is a miniature sterling silver replica of the Borg-Warner Trophy, but it has the addition of a band of art deco racing cars, accented in gold, which symbolize the importance of teamwork in racing.

The Borg-Warner Trophy was created in 1936 as a symbol of technology and innovation in racing. As the oldest, most famous trophy tradition, the Borg-Warner Trophy is the most sought-after motorsports prize.


About the BorgWarner Championship Driver’s Trophy

A one-of-a-kind replica of the Borg-Warner Trophy, the BorgWarner Championship Driver’s Trophy is awarded each year to the winner of the Indianapolis 500. The sterling silver trophy is 14 inches high, weighs 5 pounds and rests on a beveled black marble base. The base is inscribed with the winner’s name and year of victory, and includes a hand-crafted, bas relief sterling silver image of the winner, a duplicate of the image affixed to the full-sized Borg-Warner Trophy. BorgWarner established the driver’s trophy in 1988 to provide the driver with a personal keepsake of their victory.


About the BorgWarner Championship Team Owner’s Trophy

In 1998, the company established the BorgWarner Championship Team Owner’s Trophy as a companion to the driver’s trophy. The team owner’s trophy is presented to the owner(s) of the winning Indianapolis 500 racing team. Like the driver’s trophy, the team owner’s trophy is a replica of the Borg-Warner Trophy but features a band of art deco racing cars accented in gold to symbolize the importance of teamwork in the automotive business.


About The Borg-Warner Trophy

The Borg-Warner Trophy features the sterling silver image of every Indianapolis 500 winner dating back to Ray Harroun in 1911. Made of sterling silver, weighing 110 pounds and standing 5 feet, 4-3/4 inches tall, the trophy originally cost $10,000 and is currently valued at $3.5 million. The Borg-Warner Trophy stays on permanent display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. To give the winner and team owners a personal keepsake of their victory.



Simon and Norman Pagenaud’s likenesses on Simon Pagenaud’s Baby Borg Trophy

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