BorgWarner China Certified as “Top Employers China 2020”

  • BorgWarner China awarded the Top Employers certification in 10 HR practices for the second consecutive year
  • Efficient and convenient performance management module helps to cultivate local talents with international vision
  • BorgWarner updated its talent attraction and retention systems in 2019

Shanghai, China - December 2, 2019 - A global leader in technology solutions for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles, BorgWarner’s facilities in China were once again certified as “Top Employers China 2020” by Top Employers Institute, a global human resources (HR) certification agency. Assessed based on answers to more than 100 questions, BorgWarner China was recognized for its achievements in 10 specific human resources (HR) practices, including talent strategy, recruitment and training, on-boarding, educational opportunities, performance management and leadership development. In the future, BorgWarner will continue to foster a supportive workplace for employees by implementing outstanding HR strategies, and carrying out the six corporate culture of “entrepreneurship, down-to-earth mentality, result orientation, challenging work, ‘can do’ attitude and caring people”. 

“We are honored to achieve the Top Employers China certification for the second consecutive year,” said Tom Tan, Vice President, BorgWarner Inc. and President, BorgWarner China. “This year, we have increased our investment in talent recruitment and development, and made our corporate culture an even greater focal point. We believe our systematic talent management and diversified employee base have positioned us for steady growth in China and we look forward to continuing to provide our employees with a supportive and continually evolving workplace.”

Brand New Advanced Digital Talent Development System

BorgWarner prioritizes the cultivation of local talents, leadership development and performance management through its “70-20-10” approach. This methodology is based on the fact that 70 percent of an employee’s experience is accumulated through challenges in daily work, 20 percent comes from mentoring and sharing with their mentors and leaders, and 10 percent stems from training programs. In 2019, BorgWarner updated its recruitment and on-boarding processes, incorporating more scientific marketing techniques. The updated talent development system involves WeChat-based recruitment, data analysis, candidate discovery and more. Its new process enhances the candidates’ pre-employment experience, allowing for better two-way communication. Additionally, BorgWarner launched multiple online education courses like Level-up Leadership and Potential, all designed to help employees improve their leadership and capabilities through online learning and offline communications. For better employee services and platform integration, BorgWarner developed a new performance module, which replaces the previous talent management system, effectively consolidating the various HR modules and systems for greatly improved availability and timeliness.

To enhance the employee experience, BorgWarner made changes to its employee e-learning strategy this year to make it more user-friendly, intelligent and convenient, while also providing support for business development. BorgWarner uses the efficient, easy-to-use employee self-service system (ESS), as well as Yammer for internal communications, and the WeChat and LinkedIn platforms.

Excellent Diversified Corporate Culture

Another key area of focus for BorgWarner is company diversity and inclusion. With this in mind, the company rolled out a series of programs this year, including Female Engineers, China Graduate Program and the annual Talent Review. In terms of employee well-being, BorgWarner provides employees with a healthy work environment, and encourages them to actively participate in regular sports events and competitions designed to enhance their company pride and satisfaction. Furthermore, BorgWarner administers the CEO’s Safety Excellence Award, Enactus Program, Small Orange Lights and Turbo Run. These programs result in the growing awareness of corporate social responsibilities across the entire organization, enhanced overall management capabilities and an increase in attracted talent.

Comprehensive Compensation System Featuring Five Core Values

BorgWarner includes compensation, benefits, employee recognition, talent development opportunities and work-life balance into its comprehensive compensation management system, providing employees with competitive compensation and benefit (C&B) plans. BorgWarner attaches great importance to employees’ sense of pride, belonging and their individual needs. In practice, BorgWarner reviews its C&B package regularly and rewards high performing employees as another means of attracting, motivating, recognizing and retaining hardworking and versatile talent.

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