BorgWarner Provides Compact Turbocharger to Equip Volkswagen Nivus

  • Technology offers maximum efficiency, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions
  • BorgWarner’s compact Model B01 is a Brazilian market pioneer intended for low-displacement engines
  • Turbocharger equips other Volkswagen models with TSI engines

São Paulo, Brazil, September 23, 2020 – BorgWarner has expanded the supply of its compact B01 turbocharger by equipping the newly launched Volkswagen Nivus crossover. With an EA211 1.0-liter 200 TSI engine, the vehicle features first-of-its-kind turbo technology for the Brazilian market, offering a desired combination of better performance, improved energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

“The use of boosting technology helps customers meet emissions requirements thanks to the boost in efficiency that our technology delivers. With a market demand for reduction in fuel consumption, we are happy to supply a solution that allows for savings to the end customer, along with enhanced engine performance,” says Joe Fadool, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Emissions, Thermal and Turbo Systems.

The B01 turbocharger helps reduce vehicle emissions through the use of advanced materials and technologies that meet the engine’s needs. Likewise, it is capable of withstanding exhaust temperatures of up to 1,050 degrees Celsius. Its construction and operation also have a milled compressor rotor, with an optimized bearing system and a relief valve controlled by an electric actuator, resulting in less noise during operation. Another advantage is its compact design, which takes into account the construction of engines with low displacement, without compromising performance. Overall, the Nivus' engine boasts 126 horsepower (128 PS) and  147 lb-ft (200Nm) of torque, delivering a fast acceleration response and a unique and pleasurable driving experience.

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