BorgWarner Secures Substantial P3 Drive Module Win

  • Technology demonstrates BorgWarner’s extensive systems integration capabilities
  • Unique, compact system enables hybridization and CO2 reduction
  • SOP slated for Q3 2023 across multiple platforms

Auburn Hills, Michigan, October 14, 2021 – BorgWarner’s fully integrated P3 hybrid drive module will soon be powering a variety of front-wheel and AWD SUVs for a major European performance based OEM. The unique, power-packed P3 solution enables significant fuel economy gains, CO2 reduction and was entirely custom-designed inhouse by BorgWarner, featuring a motor, power electronics, gears and water cooling, all integrated within one unit.

“Ensuring that integrated electrification systems like our P3 module seamlessly and efficiently control everything from the incoming power of the battery to output torque that’s driving the car forward is no easy feat,” said Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems. “BorgWarner’s latest drive module is a premier example of our team’s comprehensive understanding of the processes, system engineering, software and integration expertise needed for high-performing hybrid applications.”

Among the key features of BorgWarner’s latest drive module is the permanent magnet motor and complementary inverter that BorgWarner built from the ground up for this application. The electric motor features BorgWarner’s patented and proven S-wind wire forming process for electric motors and alternators, and the system is capable of peak power up to 25 kW and enables a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. The P3 module also encompasses disconnect and energy regeneration capabilities.

BorgWarner also developed the hybrid drive module’s complex and advanced software controls inhouse to meet complex system integration requirements and standards. Additionally, the company fully optimized the unit with enhanced thermal characteristics and packaging, with reduced noise, vibration and harshness.

“We needed to reach very high performance levels within very limited space to meet customer requirements, and the final result is a highly power-dense, fully integrated system solution,” said Demmerle. “The advancements we made throughout the process will truly lay the groundwork for future integrated system solutions.”

The compact and lightweight solution will help power a range of vehicles, with anticipated SOP for the P3 drive module in August 2023.

In addition to P3 drive modules, BorgWarner offers an expansive product lineup to meet the needs of all potential hybrid and electric drive architectures, supporting its leading position delivering innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the vehicle market.

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