BorgWarner Certified as “Top Employers China” for Fourth Consecutive Year

  • Recognizes outstanding performance in building its workplace culture

  • Highlights updated talent strategy, accelerated talent development and fully empowered employees

  • Reflects efficient response to the pandemic through Agile Work

Shanghai, January 20, 2022 – BorgWarner has been certified as a “Top Employers China 2022” for the fourth consecutive year in recognition of its achievements in such areas as talent strategy, talent development and corporate culture. The award underscores BorgWarner's outstanding performance in building its workplace reputation in the industry.

 “We are honored to achieve the Top Employers China certification for the fourth consecutive year,” said Tom Tan, Vice President of BorgWarner Inc. and President of BorgWarner China. “This prestigious award from the authoritative agency represents both its high recognition of our corporate culture and talent development in China and underlines our commitment to the Chinese market for long-term growth with corporate social responsibility (CSR). The certification will help us accelerate our talent development efforts and recruit more talented people during our strategic business transformation. At BorgWarner, we strive to be inclusive, an organization of integrity, excellent, responsible and collaborative, aiming to make our company an integrated family, while also making great efforts in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), so as to enhance local communities and global environments and create more value for the entire industry.”

Several achievements led to BorgWarner being recognized as a Top Employers China, including its accelerated talent development and fully empowered employees, efficient response to the pandemic through the Agile Work initiative, flexibility in business management enhanced by digital practices and outstanding corporate culture.  

Accelerated talent development and fully empowered employees

Human resource (HR) management is key to business sustainability. 2021 marked the first anniversary of BorgWarner acquiring and integrating Delphi Technologies and successfully merging the corporate cultures and talent of both companies. Now, with its Charging Forward strategy, BorgWarner is working to accelerate talent and empower employees by building its pipeline, evolving skills, engaging people, re-skilling its workforce around electrification and software, talent discovery and deployment, and increased human resource planning.

Efficient response to the pandemic through Agile Work

In the past year, the way that people did business, studied and lived was impacted greatly as the pandemic continued around the globe. At BorgWarner, the most important thing, as always, is to keep employees and their family members safe and healthy and fulfill its commitment to protecting them and their communities. Demonstrating this commitment, BorgWarner launched the concept of Agile Work, allowing employees to work in different ways, e.g., remotely, flextime or from home to ensure they are able to work safely, effectively and efficiently under any circumstances, without any interruption.

Flexibility in business management enhanced by digital

Not only has the pandemic changed the way people work, but it has accelerated the digitalization of business management. BorgWarner transformed and went digital internally, developing eWork processes for staff daily work flow, administration management, facility feedback, IT services, etc. The digital platform for human resource management will also go live soon, providing employees with professional online services. In addition, to make HR management even more efficient, BorgWarner has created a recruitment platform and an employee self-service HR system on WeChat, offering a rich set of features.

Outstanding corporate culture that helps drive the industry

In terms of corporate culture, BorgWarner upholds such values as entrepreneurship, down-to-earth mentality, focus on results, dare to challenge, responsibility and care for others. Immediately after the acquisition of Delphi Technologies, BorgWarner carried out the Be Heard Engagement Survey across its global operations to get a full understanding of what employees think and expect, thus enabling continuous improvements within the organization. The company also values ESG responsibilities and has been dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility for years. BorgWarner gives back to its communities in a variety of ways including: educating young people by facilitating employee volunteers to provide Junior Achievement classes in local schools and collaborating with the University of Nottingham Ningbo China on a Chinese engineer and summer internship program, among others. BorgWarner Moves, a program dedicated to turning employee kilometers walked into monetary donations, is another example of the company encouraging its employees to take part in various social activities for the good of their communities, and for the good of themselves.


Top Employer 2022

BorgWarner Certified as “Top Employers China” for Fourth Consecutive Year

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